All Monkey Tycoon codes to redeem free Bananas & Sacrifices

All Monkey Tycoon codes to redeem free Bananas & Sacrifices
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Kiera Mills & Dave McAdam

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23rd Jan 2024 15:26

Redeem these Monkey Tycoon codes, and your tower of monkeys will grow faster than you could believe. Monkey Tycoon is a Roblox game like many others, where you must gather resources and sell them, then use the money to gather more resources even faster and sell more.

In this case, your resource is bananas dropped by monkeys. The more monkeys you have in the game, the more bananas they produce. To rapidly grow your production of bananas, check out these Monkey Tycoon codes.

All active Monkey Tycoon codes

The table below contains all of the currently active Monkey Tycoon codes. Most of these you can redeem immediately, some have requirements that must be met, and there are more not listed below that require you to join many different secret groups.

For the sake of keeping things simple, the codes below do not require any extra steps unless specified:

Code Reward (Reequirement)
bottle 3 sacrifices
Asteroid 4 sacrifices
RollTheDice Random number of monkeys
MichaelsaJoestar 10,000 monkeys
monkey One free high-level monkey
LotsOfMonkeys Five free high-level monkeys
boogers 4.8 million monkeys (speak to the ghost at the leaderboard)
statue 4.8 million monkeys (find all the statues)


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How to redeem Monkey Tycoon codes

The codes menu in Monkey Tycoon
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To redeem any of the codes above, you need to do the following:

  • Press the Codes button on the left side of the screen
  • Input a code from the list into the text box
  • Hit Apply Code to redeem your free rewards

That is it for our guide to codes for Monkey Tycoon. For more, head to our Roblox homepage where we have codes for games like Haze Piece, Anime Adventures, and King Legacy.

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