League of Legends Udyr Rework: What We Know So Far

League of Legends Udyr Rework: What We Know So Far
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André González Rodríguez


29th Jul 2022 11:33

Among many of the League of Legends champions Riot has reworked and plans to rework comes everybody’s favorite stance-changing jungler, Udyr. The Spirit Walker’s rework is one of the most anticipated in recent memory as not only will it aim to make the champion more in tune with the meta but it’ll also give him a flashy new look, while also making sure he stays true to his roots.

With that in mind, here’s what we know so far about the Udyr rework.

Potential Udyr Rework Changes

As is the case with any VGU, Udyr will undergo a rework of both his abilities and his visuals, his visuals being anything ranging from his abilities’ looks to how he runs, attacks, and more. It’s Riot’s effort to give this longstanding champion a more updated look, one that looks to keep his core essence alive while also making him a more modern champion.

Udyr rework
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Image via Riot Games

According to a dev post last year, Riot hopes to make sure what fans know and love about Udyr stays intact and iterating on it, giving “him a cleaner style.”

“The intent was to give him a cleaner style, almost like that of a fighting game character in order to denote his melee combat abilities,” said Concept Artist, Justin “RiotEarp” Albers in the post.

Both Udyr’s stance-changing and his auto-attack heavy focus will all remain according to Riot with the update adding onto that, giving him more depth and variety in his iconic stances. Additionally, his attack patterns will be brought up to speed to match those of the more modern champion.


Is There A Udyr Rework Release Date?

Going by a comment by Riot Lead Producer, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, we can possibly expect the Udyr rework to hit the Summoner’s Rift either on patch 12.15 or patch 12.16. 

Reav3 claimed on a Reddit post that the next champion roadmap will be available right after Udyr’s rework with the roadmap expected to arrive in the middle of August. This means that League fans can expect the Udyr rework to hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) sooner rather than later. 

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