Can you play League of Legends on Xbox?

Can you play League of Legends on Xbox?
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Daniel Hollis


3rd Mar 2023 17:32

Xbox kicked off its 2022 showcase with a bang when one of the announcements was a partnership with Riot Games. The plan was to see multiple titles from the publisher find their way onto Xbox, and by extension Xbox Game Pass.

Understandably, this had many fans excited as games such as Valorant, and more importantly, League of Legends were highlighted as part of the deal. However, this also led to much confusion about whether these games would also be coming to consoles, as well as being on PC.

Since then, many have wondered if League of Legends is playable on Xbox, and if you’re amongst the many pondering that question, let’s dive in and see if it’s possible.

Can you play League of Legends on Xbox?

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Last year saw League of Legends arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC, giving members a chance to dive into the increasingly popular game and see what all the fuss is about. Since then, you may have even noticed players on your Xbox friends list checking out the game.

With its addition to the service, and of course, noticing your friends playing it online, it would seem pretty obvious to it to also be available on Xbox consoles, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no, as the game is still tied to PC in order to play it.

If you’re an Xbox player and you want to check out the game, you’ll have to make use of Xbox Game Pass for PC in order to give it a whirl. If you’ve noticed any of your friends playing it online, it’s most likely through PC, as there is currently no console version of League of Legends available.

Whether that will change remains to be seen, but at the time of writing, there are no plans for a console port of League of Legends. Hopefully, the Xbox and Riot Games partnership will encourage those plans to change in the future.

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