League Of Legends 12.12 Patch Notes

League Of Legends 12.12 Patch Notes
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Tarran Stockton


22nd Jun 2022 19:00

League of Legends patch 12.12 looks to be applying a lot of nerfs and buffs to characters after the recent durability update, specifically altering heals and shields, along with burst mechanics. Due to how long League of Legends has been running at this point, Riot Games have to continuously tweak the meta and how different champions work, especially when new characters are introduced or shop items are changed. So for a quick look at the latest League of Legends patch 12.12, read on. 

League Of Legends Patch 12.12 Release Date 

Patch 12.12 is set to go live the same day as of writing this, June 22. We also know the exact timing of the update, which should allow players to begin downloading it from 11pm BST (3am PST/6am EST). Once the patch starts to deploy, players won't be able to queue for a few hours. 

League Of Legends Patch 12.12 Patch Notes 

League Of Legends Patch 12.12 Patch Notes
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Many of the changes made during this patch relate to champions, as there are a tonne of nerfs and buffs, along with some small adjustments. On top of this are a few items changes, some mechanic alterations, new skins, and a timed event. 



  • Bel'Veth - Basic attack range increased, while her health regeneration has nerfed slightly across the board. Her E ability has had its damage reduced, along with the life steal, and the damage of her R has been lowered too.
  • Dr. Mundo - Passive health regeneration has been decreased along with the base health increase of the R ability. 
  • Fiora - Passive AD ratio has been decreased, giving her less true damage. 
  • Janna - Bonus move speed and the slow from the W ability has been lowered, while the shield of the E ability has also been reduced.
  • Lucian - Base AD decreased, and the damage from the Q ability has been lowered later in the game. 
  • Singed - The slow from the W ability has been decreased early, but increased later on, while the bonus stats from the R ability have also been lowered early and increased later. 
  • Viego - Passive heal has been decreased, and using your W while casting the E no longer instantly stealths you. The damage of the R ability against the closest or most wounded enemy has been decreased. 
  • Zeri - Health regeneration growth increased, W ability base damage lowered, and both the AD and AP ratios decreased. 


  • Amumu - Mana cost of the Q has been decreased, but increases with rank. Base damage of the R ability also increased.
  • Annie - AP ratio of the Q ability increased. Tibbers base health, armour, and MR increased. 
  • Blitzcrank - Q base damage increased, and R active base damage increased.
  • Heimerdinger - Q standard turret base health and damage increased, while E cooldown is decreased. 
  • Ivern - Passive health and mana costs reduced, E base shield increased, and Daisy base health, armour, and MR increased, 
  • Jarvan IV - Mana growth increased, and passive cooldown now decreases with levels. 
  • Seraphine - E cooldown reduced early and no longer decreases with rank. Slow and stun duration also increased. 
  • Yorick - Mist Walker base health and move speed increased. Maiden of the Mist base health increased, and target range based on E decreased. 


  • Katarina - Passive AD ratio decreased, E base damage increased, and AD ratio decreased. R attack speed ratio increased, and on-hit effect effectiveness increased. 
  • Shaco - Base health growth and armour growth decreased. Q AD ratio increased. W AP ratio increased. E AD and AP ratios increased. 
  • Soraka - R base heal increased, but doesn't remove Grievous Wounds. 
  • Yuumi - Passive shield increased, E base heal decreased, and bonus move speed increased. 


  • Night Harvester - Adding haste ability into Night Harvester's build path.
  • Serpent's Fang - A bug was causing the item to reduce shields more than intended.
  • Shadowflame - Slightly buffed by fixing a bug that mitigated the damage based on the magic resistance it was supposed to ignore. 


  • Predator - Max bonus move speed nerfed early, but goes higher with ranks. Damage levels also lowered initially, but increased later on. Cooldown also lowered at the game's beginning. 


  • When you dash or blink into the range of a jungle monster or ward's visibility, you can gain vision on them instantly. 


  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Snow Moon Kayn
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon


  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Snow Moon Kayn
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon
  • Final Boss Veigar
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon (Emberwoken)

New Challenges

  • ARAM Legend - Go Legendary in ARAM games.
  • The Jukes - Dodge five skillshots within eight seconds. 
  • It was a… Near-Hit - Dodge skillshots in ARAM.
  • Legendary Legend - Become Legendary.
  • Who Needs 'Em - Win games despite an AFK teammate.
  • Shell Collecting - Take down Rift Heralds.
  • Right Under Their Noses - Recall while unseen by a nearby enemy champion.
  • Get On My Level - Get takedowns shortly after gaining a level advantage.
  • Nowhere is Safe - Take down enemy champions in their fountain.
  • Style - Earn Challenge Points from the Style capstone. 

On top of all the changes detailed above, the Essence Emporium shop will return from June 28 to July 12, allowing players to head there and use Blue Essence to purchase chromas, ward skins, emotes, icons, and more, along with Emporium exclusives. The Mythic Shop is also seeing its first rotations, as old cosmetics are removed and new ones are added.

That's all for our breakdown of League of Legends patch 12.12, and now you know what changes have been made.

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