All Jobmania codes to redeem free Gold & Crystals

All Jobmania codes to redeem free Gold & Crystals
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3rd Apr 2024 13:49

Jobmania is a turn-based RPG on mobile that sees players diving into dungeons, levelling up and hunting monsters in the process - and with these redeemable codes, you can grab yourself a healthy head start.

Not only will I outline what the available rewards are, but the process to follow so you can redeem them in-game with ease, too.

All working Jobmania codes

If you want a boost by getting some free heroes, along with resources like Crystals and Gold, then check out the 15 active codes listed below. 




2,024 Crystals


3,000 Crystals


150k hero Essences and 500k Gold


The Original Slime Flynn and 100k Hero Essences


Goblin Glass King and 100k Hero Essences


Dwarves Berserker and 100k Hero Essences


Rebel Leader Barbarossa and 100k Hero Essences


1,111 Crystals


Black Ranger and 1k Crystals


Blue Ranger and 1k Crystals


Green Ranger and 1k Crystals


Red Ranger and 1k Crystals


White Ranger and 1k Crystals


2,024 Crystals


Dagger, Sword, 30k Gold, and 500 Crystals

There are so many different rewards on offer in Jobmania, but when I was firing up the game for the first time the new weapons were pretty handy to pad out my inventory. The new heroes, like the White Ranger, were also great things to unlock straight away as saved me from having to do a bit of grinding to get a good hero.

How to redeem codes

Jobmania code redeem screen
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Here is the process you need to follow to redeem your rewards: 

  • Tap the 'Settings' option on the left of the main menu.
  • Select 'Gift Code Redemption' and enter a code.
  • Click 'Redeem' and find your rewards in the mailbox.

To claim the latest rewards across many different games, our codes homepage right here at GGRecon is the place to be. You can also check out the latest codes for games like Kick Door Simulator, Killer Shake, and Flavor Frenzy.

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