All Jailbird codes to redeem cash & XP boosts

All Jailbird codes to redeem cash & XP boosts
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Kiera Mills

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7th Dec 2023 10:20

One of the most important things in Jailbird is making sure that your loadout is up to the task, and the latest codes will give you all you need to secure more cash and XP boosts.

While the standard loadout might just about scrape you through your introductory games in this Roblox shooter, picking up sights, grips, and even new guns will give you a much better chance of winning more matches in the game.

All codes in Jailbird

Here are the latest codes available to use in Jailbird, giving you access to free crates, cash, XP boosts, and plenty more:

Code Reward
1MILJAILBIRD 1x Regular Crate, 1x XP booster
JAILBIRD 500 cash
REMASTERED 1,000 cash
THANKSFORWAITING 200 credits, 1x Regular Crate

You get a wide range of rewards if you pick up all of the codes here, but the initial cash boost is definitely the most helpful. I was able to buy a handful of new attachments for my weapon, but I could have also splashed out on a new gun too.

The credits are also fun to get if you're looking for new skins or charms, and you never know what will be waiting behind any of the crates too.

How to redeem Jailbird Codes

Image showing you how to redeem codes in Jailbreak
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I found it a little tricky to locate the option for redeeming codes in Jailbreak at first, so I'm sure I won't be the only one. Thankfully we've got all of the steps you'll need to take listed below, so make sure to follow along to get your hands on the rewards:

  • Open Jailbreak and press the 'PROMOCODE' button in the top left
  • Delete the text that is in the text box and enter any of the codes
  • Press 'Claim' to redeem your free rewards

The game will let you know what rewards you've gained as soon as each code has been redeemed, so you can get straight to spending or opening the latest crates.

Check out our Roblox homepage for plenty of other guides just like this, including all of the latest in-game rewards for titles like Blade Ball or HAZE Piece.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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