All Indian Bikes Driving 3D cheat codes

All Indian Bikes Driving 3D cheat codes
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With over 100,000 million players on mobile, it may be worth learning all the Indian Bikes Driving 3D cheat codes to get some free vehicles or special abilities like Infinite Health.

Indian Bikes Driving 3D is a popular open-world game similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, with it taking clear inspiration from the San Andreas entry. In the game, you can freely drive around taking part in races, or cause chaos by killing cops and starting car chases.

If you want to have an even wilder time in the game, using the cheat codes for super vehicles or powers is a good idea. So, check out all the Indian Bikes Driving 3D cheat codes below, along with how to use them.

All Indian Bikes Driving 3D cheat codes

There are a tonne of different cheat codes in Indian Bikes Driving 3D. They typically give you free access to a vehicle, ranging from Ferraris to helicopters, or superpowers, like infinite health or slow motion.

I found the vehicle cheats to be the best to begin with, as you can get a much faster vehicle than the default one to go exploring. Take a look at all the cheat codes in the table below.

Cheat Code Reward
Jet Pack Mini
4040 Tank
5050 Dino
9129 Infinite Health
2020 Endeavour
9 Night Mode
1212 Truck
01212 Truck with trailer
606 Fire Truck
1001 Legendar
300 Tarzen
200 Horse
4050 apache
0 Monster Truck
4000 Porsche
999 Yamaha Vmax
888 Yamaha FZ10
777 Ducati Diavel
666 Banneli TNT
333 Scorpio Classic
444 Scorpio S11
555 Plane
1000 Fortuner
2000 Rolls Royce
6000 Tron Bike
400 Zx10R Bike
600 Dog
1111 Cycle
8888 Duke 1290
7777 Duke 200
6666 Range Rover
5555 Ghost Raider Bike
4444 Bugatti Chiron
800 Bugatti V2
900 Koeigness
500 Audi
12345 MoreNpc
54321 MoreTrafficCar
3333 Lamborghini
700 Lamborghini V2
0015 Yamaha R15
00 Fuel Tank
200 Bag
002 Tattoo Skin
0000 Activa 4G
3000 Kawasaki Ninja H2R
5000 Pulsar RS200
7000 Hayabhusa
8000 Helicopter
9000 Splendor
9090 Thar
9999 Royal Enfield Bullet
2222 ATV
1190 New KTM
4215 Duke
1210 KTM
1211 Pulsar
1215 Super jump
1216 Ultra Super jump
1120 Skyfall
1112 Slow motion
7112 Moon gravity

How to use cheat codes in Indian Bikes Driving 3D

fighting police in Indian Bikes Driving 3D
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To use cheat codes in Indian Bikes Driving 3D, you'll need to utilise your phone and input the codes. Luckily, this is an easy process, which we'll cover step-by-step below. 

  • Press the phone icon to bring it up
  • Select the call option and then click the number pad
  • Enter the exact number for the cheat you want
  • Call the number to receive your vehicle or powers

Powers will be activated instantly, while vehicles will spawn in front of you, letting you get in them straight away. 

That's all for our coverage of the Indian Bikes Driving 3D cheat codes and how to use them. 

Check out our codes homepage for more guides.

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