All Idle Pirate Legends codes to redeem for free Beli, Gems & Tokens

All Idle Pirate Legends codes to redeem for free Beli, Gems & Tokens
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Dave McAdam & Joshua Boyles

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22nd Feb 2024 05:25


Fans of One Piece will absolutely love the mobile gameplay that Idle Pirate Legends has to offer, and these free redeem codes can make the game even more fun.

Borrowing from the One Piece theme, this mobile game lets you build up a squad of characters to either complete a story mode or fight other players online.

As the name might suggest, Idle Pirate Legends uses idle mechanics, meaning you'll need to wait a set amount of time to unlock new items, currency, and characters in the game.

To speed up the unlocking process, you can use the codes below to unlock a bunch of free rewards nice and early, which ultimately makes the game more fun to play!

All working Idle Pirate Heroes codes

Codes Rewards
ONEPIECE666 10 Common Summon Tokens and 10 Advanced Summon Tokens
ONEPIECE777 777 Gems and 10 Common Summon Tokens
ONEPIECE888 200 Gems and 10 Common Summon Tokens
EpicSummon66 200 Gems and 500k Beli
EpicSummon88 100 Gems and 10 Common Summon Tokens

Above are all of the codes that currently work in Idle Pirate Heroes, giving you a decent head start when you open up the game for the first time.

Unfortunately, this mobile game is only available on Android devices via an APK sideload. As such, I wasn't able to test the codes for myself as I own an iOS device. However, reliable sources seem to corroborate that all of these codes are still working as of February 2024.

If any codes expire, or better yet any new ones appear, I'll be sure to give this page an update - make sure you save it for later!

How to redeem codes

The code redemption screen in Idle Pirate Heroes
Click to enlarge

Now you know about all the codes available in Idle Pirate Legends, here's how you can redeem them for yourself:

  • Launch the game and go to the Benefits menu
  • Choose Redeem Code and enter any active codes
  • Hit Exchange to receive your rewards

That's all there is to it! You'll now have access to your free rewards - easy, right?

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