Five Tips For How To Play As A Crewmate In Among Us

Five Tips For How To Play As A Crewmate In Among Us

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Coleman Hamstead


19th Sep 2020 16:30

A small indie game titled “Among Us” has become a viral sensation. Similar to Fall Guys, Among Us spiked in popularity thanks to the likes of Twitch and YouTube. In August alone, the game had over 30 million hours watched on Twitch. 

Most people will be surprised to find that Among Us is nearly two years old. Prior to this summer, the game was pretty dead. However, it’s become a streamer’s paradise in recent months. Content Creators such as Ninja, CouRageJD, xQc, PewDiePie, Pokimane, Valkyrae, and many more are breaking streaming records with Among Us. The game has the ability to bring friends together — and then ruin those friendships — as we’ve never seen before.

Another factor to Among Us’ success is the low barrier to entry. The game is free on iOS and Android, and only £3.99/$4.99 on Steam. Plus, cross-play is fully enabled. It’s never been easier to get a group of friends together.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a hidden role deduction game intended for 4-10 players. Each match, 1-3 players will randomly be chosen as Imposters. Imposters must discreetly murder and deceive the other Crewmates. As Crewmates, the goal is to repair the ship and discover the Imposter(s). Imposters must eliminate Crewmates until they can claim control of the ship.

Every time a body is found, a Meeting will be called. The players still alive must then discuss the situation and do their best to identify the Imposter(s). Imposters must frame Crewmates and clear their name of suspicion. It’s an intense party game of lies, trickery, and manipulation.

Although Crewmates outnumber Imposters heftily, winning as a Crewmate is no cakewalk. Imposters have many tools at their disposal and will be doing everything in their power to throw you off their trail. Additionally, fellow Crewmates will be dropping like flies at the hands of the Imposter(s). Take too long to identify them, and it’ll soon be just a few of you vs multiple Imposters. Among Us players should take note of these simple tricks if they want to better sniff out those treacherous Imposters.

How To Play Among Us Crewmate
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Keep Tabs on Everyone

Being aware of your fellow shipmates should be the #1 priority of a Crewmate. You can’t trust anyone. Whenever possible, take note of the players around you, the part of the ship they’re in, and where they are headed.

Come Meeting time, this information will be extremely useful. Say that Blue player claims they were in MedBay when the body was found. You, however, just saw Blue walk out of Electrical. Now everyone knows that Blue is lying and something fishy is going on. 

This won’t always be full-proof, but by keeping track of other players, you can narrow down the likely suspects.

Complete Your Tasks (Even as a Ghost)

As a Crewmate, your job is to complete Tasks. Tasks are essentially little mini-games. Connect wires, swipe a card, download data, etc. If all Crewmates complete their tasks, they will automatically win.

Crewmates should open up their map and plan an optimal route each round. Completing Tasks quickly will put pressure on the Imposter(s) and force them into possibly making a reckless move.

As a ghost, Crewmates can still complete Tasks. Your fellow Crewmates will really appreciate your contributions as a ghost. Going AFK or floating around spectating could cost the Crewmates the match.

Watch The Task Bar

A sneaky way to identify the Imposter is by watching the Task Bar. Imposters will try and blend in by faking Tasks. However, the Task Bar will not fill up from a faked Task. Consider taking a few seconds each round to watch another shipmate complete a Task. If they walk away and the Task Bar doesn’t increase, there’s a decent chance it was faked.

Use this information to call out players and gain an edge during Meetings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call an Emergency Meeting

In the middle of the Cafeteria, there is a big red button. Players can press this button to start an Emergency Meeting. This has all kinds of uses.

Sometimes, a round may feel like it’s lasting particularly long. Maybe you haven’t seen the Green player for a couple of minutes. Consider starting an Emergency Meeting. The Meeting will allow you to see who is alive and who’s dead — even if no body has been reported. This gives the Crewmates time to reset, and figure out what’s going on before too many people disappear.

An Emergency Meeting should be called whenever a Crewmate sees someone being super suspect, especially with direct evidence. Say an Imposter vents right in front of your eyes. Rush to the Cafeteria and start an Emergency Meeting. Don’t wait until the Imposter commits murder to act.

How To Play Among Us Crewmate
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Ask Questions; Work Together

Figuring out who the Imposter(s) are is all about information. Crewmates need as much info as possible to make the right decisions. 

During Meetings, ask questions. Where was the body? Did anyone see the Purple player? Who turned the lights back on? Simple questions like this can help drive the conversation and make progress toward identifying the Imposter(s).

Say you know for a fact that the Red player is safe. You two need to work together and figure out what’s going on. Don’t let the Imposter(s) manipulate the conversation. Speak up and call out suspicious activity. Get the other Crewmates on your side.

In the end, every match is different. No one strategy will guarantee success. Crewmates need to use a mixture of logic and intuition if they want to survive the dangerous trek through space.

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