How To Use The Colosseums In Elden Ring

How To Use The Colosseums In Elden Ring
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7th Dec 2022 11:39

If this is your first time playing since the introduction of the exciting new dedicated PvP zones, you might be wondering how to use the colosseums in Elden Ring. As is expected in a FromSoftware game like Elden Ring, you aren't really told how or where to use all of the new features, so it can be a bit confusing at first. So, to find out how to use the colosseums in Elden Ring, make sure to carry on reading for a full explanation below.

How To Use The Colosseums In Elden Ring

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In order to use any of the new colosseums in Elden Ring, you must first actually find where they are. We've got a full guide for all of the Elden Ring colosseums locations here to get you there in the first place though, as it can be quite tricky otherwise considering the lack of signposting.

Once you've reached any of the three colosseums though, all you need to do is head through the giant main door, walk up to the altar underneath the shrine of Marika, and interact with it to bring up the menu. Then, once you've configured all of your desired settings, search for a battle and wait for someone to match with you.

You can engage in combat from any of the three locations, and there aren't any differences beyond slight aesthetic variations to match the location they're found within. You don't need to worry about your runes either, as you will lose nothing upon death, which is great if you're not quite the best at PvP right now.

  • Want to make sure your limited flasks are as strong as possible? Check out this Elden Ring Sacred Tears guide for all the locations.

Elden Ring Colosseums Combat Formats Explained

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Actually setting up a search within the colosseums can be really quite confusing though, as there are a number of different settings to choose from that affect the format of each battle.

While options like allowing Elden Ring Spirit Ashes or setting a password are rather self-explanatory, the Combat Format selection at the top is where you might run into some confusion.

Here's a guide to what all three of the different combat formats do:

  • Duel
    • Players fight one on one for 180 seconds until a player is defeated. User of Flask of Crimson Tears (healing) is not allowed. Use of Flask of Cerulean Tears (magic) is allowed, but only in a limited quantity.
  • Combat Ordeal
    • Free for all combat beyond just two players, with an extended time limit of 300 seconds. Players win by downing their opponents as many times as possible. Use of both flasks is allowed but only in limited numbers.
  • United Combat
    • Players are divided into two teams. Time limit of 300 seconds, and the winner is the team with the most kills. Use of both flasks is allowed but only in limited numbers.

So, that should give you all the information about how to use the colosseums in Elden Ring, as well as all of the combat formats explained. If you're wondering where to get all of the map fragments though, don't miss our Elden Ring map guide for all the locations.

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