All Dragon Soul codes for free boosts & how to redeem them

All Dragon Soul codes for free boosts & how to redeem them
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1st Mar 2024 10:08

Inspired by all things Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Soul codes are the best way for you to embark on an epic anime adventure based on one of the most popular anime in the world - so we're here to bring you all the codes that are available in the game right now.

With an intricate Roblox character creator and starting from the ground up, you'll need a code or two to help you through the early stages of Dragon Soul, so that you can get the bigger anime clashes much faster.

All available Dragon Soul codes

The majority of codes in Dragon Soul will get you boosts in XP and Zeni (the in-game currency). When you're starting out in your little village after making your character, you'll need to level up fast so you can embark on a PvE adventure, or take part in a bit of PvP too - so here are the ones we have available right now:

Code Reward
DragonBallsComingSoon Zeni boost (30 mins) (NEW)
Twitch/fuegowave 2,000 Zeni (NEW)
5,000 Zeni 
125KLikes 50% mastery boost (1HR)
100KLIKES 50% Zeni and 50% XP boost
RADRIBBON 2,000 Zeni
dragonsoul 50% XP boost (30 mins)

How to redeem codes

The code redemption screen in Dragon Soul for Roblox
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Now that you've got your codes, it's time to redeem them. Thankfully, redeeming Dragon Soul codes is pretty easy once you know the steps:

  • Launch Dragon Soul for Roblox on your device
  • Enter the game and press M to bring up the Menu
  • Select the Codes option at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your code in the screen that appears and press Claim to redeem the code

With that, you'll be boosting your way through this epic anime Roblox adventure in no time with an assortment of Dragon Soul codes. For even more anime fun, you should also check out our guide for Peroxide codes. There are bound to be a few to help you get ahead there.

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