Bulletstorm VR release date, gameplay, trailers & more

Bulletstorm VR release date, gameplay, trailers & more
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1st Jun 2023 18:25


If you fell in love with the Skillshot back in 2011, you can now experience it in a completely different reality thanks to the upcoming release of Bulletstorm VR.

While the base game was originally released back on PlayStation 3 over a decade ago, the recent remaster helped rejuvenate interest in the kick-loving shooter, leading to this new VR version.

One of the greatest aspects of VR is how cool it can make you feel, so combining that with the style-infused kills that Bulletstorm thrives off of seems like the perfect recipe. Your kicks will feel even more powerful, and you'll be able to land Skillshots that you couldn't even dream of before.

So, check out the rest of this guide below to see all of the latest details surrounding Bulletstorm VR, including its release date, gameplay, trailers, and plenty more.

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Is there a Bulletstorm VR release date?

Key art for Bulletstorm VR showing the protagonist and antagonist
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It's been confirmed that Bulletstorm VR will be released on December 14, 2023.

This means fans of the game who are excited to dive (or dive-kick) back into the world of Stygia won't have to wait too much longer to get their hands on the game.

You could always play through the recent Bulletstorm Full Clip remaster in preparation if you wanted, which might make the jump into VR seem even more impressive.

Bulletstorm VR gameplay details

As you can imagine, Bulletstorm VR takes the format you know and love from the standard game and brings it into the virtual dimension. However, it isn't just a straight transfer, as there are new Skillshots that have been added to take advantage of the completely new platform.

The game has been completely remade from the ground up with VR at the forefront, so you should get a perfect experience as you mow down all of the mutated enemies that lie ahead of you.

Just remember to think outside the box when you're engaging in action, as the real fun comes in figuring out how many different ways you can dispose of your enemies.

Are there any Bulletstorm VR trailers?

The first official trailer for Bulletstorm VR was an announcement trailer, which showed off some of the different locations you'll be traversing and the weapons you'll be unleashing in the game.

Since then, a release date trailer has been shared, showing off loads more action including an epic encounter with a Godzilla-style creature.

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What platforms is Bulletstorm VR releasing on?

Bulletstorm VR will be available on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and PlayStation VR2.

We'll make sure to update this guide accordingly whenever any further details are released, so make sure you keep checking back for more.

So, that wraps up everything we currently know about Bulletstorm VR, going over the release date, gameplay details, trailers, platforms, and more.

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