Borderlands 1 SHiFT codes to get free Golden Keys

Borderlands 1 SHiFT codes to get free Golden Keys
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Jack Roberts

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31st Jan 2024 17:11


SHiFT codes can be redeemed for extra Golden Keys in Borderlands 1, so we've rounded up all of the active codes we could find to help you get a nice shiny stockpile.

In Borderlands 1, you’ll be heading to the iconic planet Pandora with your crew of Vault Hunters to look for the Vault and find the legendary loot within – and using codes will help you on your way to doing so in the game.

All active Borderlands 1 codes

There are a fair few SHiFt codes for you to redeem in Borderlands 1 right now:

Code Reward
9FC33-5T9XX-K36KT-TTT33-TRJJJ 5 Golden Keys
S6W3B-X9XF6-5J6CJ-T3B3T-9ZJTH 5 Golden Keys
9XW3J-Z96R6-5BF5B-TJT3J-XR6CW 5 Golden Keys
ZXK3J-JSX6R-5BXWJ-3T3B3-9HZZ6 5 Golden Keys
965BT-56RF6-CJ65B-B3BJJ-CXW39 5 Golden Keys
SFCJT-RF6XX-CJ6KB-JJJJ3-6JB33 5 Golden Keys
9XK3B-9W6R6-W3XCB-TJJ33-XFSJS 5 Golden Keys

By redeeming these codes, you’re going to receive several Golden Keys to help you unlock chests on Sanctuary that will reward you with an enviable amount of loot.

Codes like these ones sometimes expire after a while, so claim them while you can!

How to redeem Borderlands 1 SHiFT codes

The Borderlands SHiFT code entry website
Click to enlarge

Now that you have all your Borderlands 1 SHiFT codes, you will need to know how to claim your free rewards, so here's the step-by-step process on how to redeem them:

  • Head to the SHiFT Gearbox Website
  • After signing in, go to Rewards where you can enter the code
  • Once you've redeemed a key, it will show up in your mail in the game

And that’s it! With these codes, you’ll be elbow-deep in loot and Golden Keys in no time. Many of the codes on this page were shared by Randy Pitchford on X (formerly Twitter) so keep an eye out for more codes there!

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