Best Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals 2022

Best Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals 2022
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Amelia-Eve Warden


22nd Nov 2022 18:27

Looking to enhance your gaming setup? Then we’ve got the list for you. This year’s top gaming chairs offer endless amounts of comfort while gaming until those late nights. From the likes of Razer and Noblechairs, these are the best deals to grab yourself the perfect chair for you.

Best Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals 2022

Razer Enki X Essential Gaming Chair

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The Razer Enki X is a gaming chair that feels premium without the chunky price that comes with other top-brand chairs. Specifically designed for all-day gaming, the 110-degree shoulder arches and 54cm seat base ensure optimal weight distribution for very long-lasting comfort, perfect for gaming marathons.

With a 152-degree recline, whether you’re streaming gameplay or partaking in competitive play, this chair is built for both relaxation and work. It's perfect for any situation.

You can grab the Razer Enki X on Amazon for under $230, a 23% Black Friday discount.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

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If you are seeking a more affordable chair that isn’t going to break the bank, the Dowinx gaming chair is perfect for you.

With a 135-degree recline backrest, the gaming chair comes with 16 pocket coils and is made of stylish sponge, creating the same comfort as being on a sofa. The wide headrest was increased by 3 inches to ensure great neck and gaming support when gaming for long periods of time or working from home.

The chair also comes with a lower back and waist cushion, perfect for lower back support and comfort to ensure no strain on the thighs or body after sitting for long periods.

The affordable Dowinx Gaming Chair is available on Amazon for $135.00, a 15% Black Friday discount.

RESPAWN-205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

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Although relatively new on the market, RESPAWN is ahead of the game when it comes to affordable gaming chairs for both professional and part-time gamers to use.

Styled to look like a racing car, the luxury yet comfortable gaming chair has moulded foam to ensure the ergonomic chair has maximum comfort and durability.

With a 130-degree recline, 360-degree swivel, adjustable height, armrest depth, and chair lengths, it allows the gamer to have full body support when sitting in the chair for extended periods of time.

The RESPAWN chair comes with a 5-year warranty, and available now on Amazon at the price of $152.99, a 47% Black Friday discount.

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

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Noblechairs Epic gaming chair was built in collaboration with professional esporters. The luxury gaming chair was perfectly crafted with comfort in mind, crafted by cold moulded foam and vegan PU leather, the copper headrest gives that extra premium touch.

With 4-dimension adjustable armrests, 135-degree recline, and neck and lumbar support cushions are included, alongside 60mm casters, making it easy to adjust for soft or hard flooring.

Rated one of the best gaming chair brands out there, the Noblechairs Epic is available now via Amazon at $299.00, a 45% Black Friday discount.

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