Following Astralis' crushing defeat to Na'Vi, coach Zonic spoke with GGRecon to discuss the heartbreaking weekend.

15:00, 09 Feb 2020

Following Astralis' crushing defeat to Na'Vi, coach Zonic spoke with GGRecon to discuss the heartbreaking weekend.

Unfortunately Astralis couldn’t quite make it through. You guys ended up losing the game to Na’Vi in a very close series. It’s a very rough start to the year; I’m sure you guys will be coming back. What are the feelings like for you zonic?

I mean, right now we are disappointed of course. That’s not how we intended the year to start out, but it’s been a long time without any official matches and I guess that’s shown in both games against Na’Vi and compLexity, but yeah, if you are Astralis then you are supposed to win these games no matter what, so there is no excuse right there, but I felt we played better today against Na’Vi. There were some issues that we can definitely go home and work on, so yeah. It’s still early in the season so we’ll have to go back and work hard for IEM Katowice.

One thing that Astralis is generally very good on is making sure that teams like Na’vi who have one superstar like s1mple who’s fragging out of control, you’re really good at shutting him down in  particular. He’s generally had bad games against you guys. His rating has been very low, but in the last game in Inferno, it seemed like you guys were a little bit rattled. Was that the case? Did the compLexity loss have anything to do with it?

Uh no, I don’t think so. I think no matter who we would have played it would have been the same. We were a bit shaky and the communication was a bit was better today as I said, but I think electronic had a good game as well so right now it’s two monsters we have to stop in some way. I think that we will have to go home and watch the game maybe. Get some teamspeak comms from Blast as well and see what’s going on in terms of the communication. In terms of the anti-stratting and planning, I think that works okay in my opinion. But, it was more the communication and teamplay that wasn’t really on point. #

Just final question from my end zonic. In a situation like this where people would be thinking back to your older days where you get to a point where you are almost at the finish line, you have almost won the match. But you are quite able to push through. Was there any sort of negativity in the team going into the match as well? Was the team atmosphere not very good when you started in the server?

No. We talked about the game yesterday and we packed the whole thing and moved forward. That’s what we're gonna do today. The mood on the team is really high as always. We have been playing together for quite some time now so it needs a little bit more to knock us down. Sometimes you are frustrated in the heat of the match and that’s how it is. But, no it’s fine, it’s all good. 

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