Zombies players on PC are being met by 'Sail 630 Nuclear Bug' error before being permanently banned.

14:03, 09 Apr 2021

Call of Duty has an odd habit of punishing its higher skilled players. Whether it's exhausting skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) or a ranked playlist that doesn't reflect in-game skill, the higher echelon of players are always met with some torrid grievances. 

Normally, the Zombies community are quietly left to go about their business, slaying the undead as a relaxing pastime and reaching the highest rounds possible. However, it appears that the more skilled Zombies players are being met with permanent bans that are completely unjustified.

Many players have reported being faced with a "Sail 630 Nuclear Bug" error code, which is permanently banning them from playing the game for no reason. 

Reddit user "Korlesa" has gathered over 30 reports of PC Zombies players being banned after being met with the error code at high round counts.

The user stated: "I and many other people since April 2, are being falsely perma-banned without reason when going for high rounds in Zombies on PC,

"After going 50+ rounds people are receiving a 'Sail 630 Nuclear Bug' Error. Upon exiting to battle.net we see that we have been permanently banned."

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What is the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug?

The error code is completely unknown. Activision and Treyarch have yet to open up as to why the glitched Sail 630 Nuclear Bug is occurring. From comments gathered by already banned players, the bug seems to be random, yet players can still access Warzone and Multiplayer with all of their progress intact.

Can the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug ban be reversed?

The unbanning of players who have been dealt this card comes directly from the hands of Activision and Treyarch. Taking to the Reddit thread, Treyarch Community Manager, Josh "FoxhoundFPS" Torres, said: "I am unable to assist with this issue. All infractions undergo a thorough review process by the security team before enforcement."


At the time of writing, no reversals have been rolled out, with each report being thoroughly investigated by the Treyarch support team.

For the time being, Zombies seems to be a no-go, especially if you're playing on PC, as a high-rolling round may see you land straight in jail with no 'get out free' card.



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