Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories: Release date & full card list

Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories: Release date & full card list
Images courtesy of Konami and Yu-Gi-Oh Fandom

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Lloyd Coombes


9th Mar 2023 12:07

Konami has finally launched the Maze of Memories booster pack set for Yu-Gi-Oh today, with the new packs arriving on March 9 in the UK and Oceania, and coming to North America on March 10.

Themed around Labyrinth cards, the set includes World Premiere cards for Gate Guardian, as well as Kazejin, Suijin, and Sanga of the Thunder.

Legendary Synchro Monster Baronne De Fleur is back, too, giving players another chance at grabbing the iconic card. You can buy the box at Amazon here.

There are 67 cards in the list, with 7 per booster. We've got the full card list below, courtesy of the game's Fandom page.

Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories Card List

Ultra Rare Collector's Rare:

Duel Academy card in Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories packs
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  • Duel Academy
  • Firewall Dragon Darkfluid - Neo Tempest Terahertz
  • Wind-Up Kitten
  • Teardropn the Rikka Queen

Ultra Rare:

  • Black Luster Soldier - Legendary Swordsman
  • Wake Up Your Elemental HERO
  • Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon
  • Guardian Chimera
  • Baronne de Fleur
  • Rikka Glamour

Super Rare Collector's Rare:

Psi Beast card in Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories packs
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  • Psi-Beast
  • Spellbook of Fate
  • Solemn Judgment

Super Rare:

  • Labyrinth Heavy Tank
  • Gate Guardians Combined
  • Gate Guardian of Thunder and Wind
  • Gate Guardian of Wind and Water
  • Gate Guardian of Water and Thunder
  • Evolution End Burst
  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Duel!
  • Overlay Network
  • Number 39: Utopia Rising
  • Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
  • Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector
  • Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax

Rare Collector's Rare:

Photon Orbital card in Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories packs
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  • Photon Orbital


Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Memories packs in a box
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  • Shadow Ghoul of the Labyrinth
  • Labyrinth Wall Shadow
  • Double Attack! Wind and Thunder!!
  • Riryoku Guardian
  • Prey of the Jirai Gumo
  • Red-Eyes Soul
  • Time to Stand Up
  • This Creepy Little Punk
  • Barian Untopia
  • Saga of the Dragon Emperor
  • Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire
  • Kahyoreigetsu
  • Battle Royal Mode - Joining
  • Soul of the Supreme King
  • Angel of Blue Tears
  • Forge a New Future
  • Labyrinth Wall
  • Sanga of the Thunder
  • Kazejin
  • Suijin
  • Gate Guardian
  • Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
  • Blackwing - Elphin the Ravent
  • Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite
  • Nimble Angler
  • Mekk-Knight Blue Sky
  • Mekk-Knight Yellow Star
  • Mekk-Knight Red Moon
  • Rikka Petal
  • Mudan the Rikka Fairy
  • Ancient Fairy Dragon
  • Cost Down
  • Overload Fusion
  • Burial from a Different Dimension
  • Court of Justice
  • Super Soldier Ritual
  • Chaos Form
  • Royal Decree
  • Imperial Iron Wall
  • Treacherous Trap Hole
  • Deep Dark Trap Hole

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