Xbox owners to boycott console after latest controversy

Xbox owners to boycott console after latest controversy
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Joseph Kime


23rd May 2023 16:09

The Xbox seems to be having a bit of a sorry moment. Even though the social media channels of Microsoft are keeping their heads held high, the console's reputation has sunk a little bit. Though fans are still eagerly awaiting Starfield, Redfall's failures have accentuated how rough Xbox's first-party titles can be for many.

Even though Arkane is a beloved studio, the rushed vampire shooter has proved that not everything that Xbox is excited about is worth the wait. Now, one rumoured feature is making fans feel even worse and leaves the gaming giant facing a boycott.

Xbox could be planning in-game ads

Xbox owners to boycott console after latest controversy
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Despite Xbox having caught flak in the past for airing ads on the console's homepage, Microsoft appears to be planning to input ads directly into their games, and as you can imagine, fans aren't happy.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Microsoft's Sarah Bond has spoken on the future of Xbox and the new ways it can engage with fans, as well as addressing how the company has experimented with new models for gaming in the past, like the introduction of the Game Pass.

Along with this, Bond added that more modes could be in the works. "We've talked about how we're experimenting with other models, like what does it mean for advertising in games which is more prevalent in mobile – are there models that work well in PC and console?"

Bond continued, "Are there other models where you might have timed slices of games and stuff like that?" Disgruntled gamers have interpreted this statement as confirmation that Xbox is still considering the implementation of ads in-game.

This concept was floated in 2022 and pitched as digital billboards to help keep free-to-play titles afloat. However, this sounds like a more robust option akin to Disney+'s more expensive ad-free tier. As you can imagine, fans aren't best pleased with these money-making endeavours. 

Fans react to Xbox 'confirming' ads in game

Players have taken this indication that ads could be coming to games on Xbox, and they're naturally not very happy about it, especially as the company runs ads on the front page of their leading consoles.

Proposing a boycott of an ad-riddled Xbox, one critic wrote, "I'll sell my Xbox the moment they start doing games with ads. Imagine being so far behind the competition and your response to that is… more ads to play from your ad filled dashboard."

Another raged, "How is "games with ads" supposed to be more 'immersive,'" while a third fumed, "This is not your average product placement or ad banner in sports games. How long before commercial breaks cut into endboss battles?"

It might not be good news for players, but remember, this concept could come to be little beyond an idea. Here's hoping in-game ads (or any ads) in your next Halo game don't come to light, as let's be honest, Xbox could probably do without the negative press right now. 

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