Heading into CDL season two, some players are still without a team but who are the pick of the bunch?

19:30, 27 Nov 2020

Some of the biggest names in Call Of Duty are still free agents, and with most of the rosters for the upcoming season already finalised, it looks as though some household names will be looking to battle their way back through challengers with the hopes of making it back onto the mainstage. 


Possibly the most notable free agent still on the market is European superstar player Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall, formerly of the London Royal Ravens. After achieving fourth at CDL Champs 2020, many people expected the team to remain the same, apart from the possible departure of maybe Sean “Seany” O’Connor with the teams being forced to move to 4v4 for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season.

However, with what came as a shock to many, the Royal Ravens decided to take a different route and release Skrapz. After years at the top of the European scene, it is uncertain what Skrapz intends on doing next with his options seemingly limited in regards to playing in the CDL next season. Currently, the rumour is that Skrapz could potentially find himself competing under the Paris Legion organisation, however at the time of writing, the EU star is still without a team for the new season.



When talking about the best players from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season, few will recognise Adam “GodRx” Brown as one of the game’s elite; which is a travesty given how his year began. After being widely regarded as a top-five player early on in the season putting up outrageous stats, at one point having the second-highest overall K/D in the league at 1.28 and leading his team to multiple high finishes, with the best being a second-place finish at the LA home series.

However, just as some players excelled with the transition to online, unfortunately, GodRx found himself on the opposite side of this spectrum. After what seemed like his breakout season, GodRx eventually found himself being demoted to the bench later on in the season after a string of disappointing results, with Adam claiming to be playing on high ping during pivotal matches which possibly led to the poor results. This has potentially caused GodRx to be without a team for the upcoming season, with games still likely to be online for the foreseeable future. Although, if rumours in the CDL bubble are to be believed, teams should definitely be looking into signing the former Minnesota ROKKR player with the chances of getting him on LAN too good to pass up on.



Probably the most controversial pick of the bunch is former Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 world champion Christopher “Parasite” Duarte. Whilst his out of game issues have been widely talked about over the years, with teammates constantly talking about his poor attitude and need to control all aspects of the game. Although, with that being said, somehow Parasite still finds himself competing amongst the top of the challenger scene. Last season he achieved multiple first-place finishes playing with relatively unknown up and coming players that he could mould with his knowledge of the game and possible dictatorship style of leading teams.

However, as he is now a well-known quantity in the professional community, with his skills unlikely to improve any further, it is very questionable that a team takes a risk on the former superstar player with the negatives seeming to outweigh the positives for competition at the highest level.

Parasite CoDjpg


The final player on this list is none other than Bradley “wuskin” Marshall, twin brother of Skrapz, previously mentioned on the list. After being in the top 20 players of the year in the eyes of many people in the community, wuskin finds himself in the awkward position of potentially being stuck to compete in Challengers for the upcoming season. However, if his recent tweets regarding the situation are to be believed, it would appear that wuskin would prefer to stream rather than drop down to a lower level of competition. Many people see this as an understandable decision as it is clear to see why someone would struggle to be motivated to play at a lower level after competing against the world’s best.

Going from holding the highest K/D in the league early on in the season, to be out of it by the end of it, would seem to be a bitter pill to swallow for talented AR player, however, it seems the likely outcome, unless teams have a change of heart towards the end of the free agency period.


Whether or not any of these players do eventually find themselves back in the league, there is no doubt that the upcoming season of the CDL will be highly competitive and with this quality of player waiting in the wings, every player will be on their A-game to make sure they keep their spot in the league.




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