What Is Hideo Kojima Teasing Now?

What Is Hideo Kojima Teasing Now?
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Joseph Kime


25th Apr 2022 08:45

Hideo Kojima is a mysterious fella. It's often simply hard to tell what he's working on, what with his ideas being so bizarre in the first place. After all, nobody could have possibly seen Death Stranding coming, a story that weaves itself together with floating goop monsters and babies in jars that Norman Reedus wears on his chest.

He's a bit of an oddball, is basically what we're saying - but we wouldn't have him any other way. Rumours as to Kojima's next project are of course rife, with little confirmation, but fans think he's teasing something exciting with a cryptic new social media post.

Hideo Kojima May Be Teasing Something

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Fans have noticed something in common with a series of Hideo Kojima's recent social media posts, and they reckon that they're all pointing to the reveal of the project that he's been working on since the release of Death Stranding.

In five of Kojima's recent posts to Instagram, the same clock has appeared, with fans suggesting that the clock, when it appears, is counting down to something - but that's since been disproven.

The clock has shown different times in each of its appearances, with the clock itself being the only thing that really ties the images together. Though the latest of the images shows a screen displaying "6:1", which fans have theorised is pointing towards the date June 1. And they think that whatever Kojima is teasing with these posts is getting revealed then.


What Could Kojima Be Working On?

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Rumours have been rife as to the next Kojima beast, and there are a lot of big ideas floating around. According to Norman Reedus, a second game set in the universe of Death Stranding could be in the works, and if it's a direct sequel or an all-new story remains to be seen.

There are also rumours that he's back to working on Silent Hills, but there's every chance that this is just wishful thinking from fans. Whatever is in the pipeline from Kojima, it's safe to assume that it's going to be bonkers - and we can't wait to see it.


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