Weyrdlets combines Animal Crossing & Nintendogs in cosy pet sim this summer

Weyrdlets combines Animal Crossing & Nintendogs in cosy pet sim this summer
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Harry Boulton


10th Jun 2024 14:00

Sometimes life on your computer can get a bit too much, but Weyrdlets looks to fix that by letting your own virtual pet monster roam free on your desktop.

It's no secret that cosy games have taken the world by storm, but why not take it one step further in this case and bring the serenity of simulator life to the rest of your computer-based activities this summer?

Weyrdlets set to launch Summer 2024

Malaysian independent studio Wyrdworks has now officially revealed its new game 'Weyrdlets', which is set to launch on July 23, 2024, as a free-to-play title on PC.

Image of an island house decorate in Weyrdlets
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Combining elements of Animal Crossing and Nintendogs, this game lets you take care of cute monster pets on their own dedicated island in-game, with interior design and even monster fashion to play around with as you play.

What differentiates Weyrdlets from most other games like this though is the ability to take your favourite pets 'outside' of the game and into your computer, letting them roam free while you watch your favourite YouTube videos or work on your next assignment for school or work.

You'll be able to get a taste of the cosiness on offer during Steam Next Fest too, as the game will have a demo ready for anyone to try out!

Part productivity, part pet sim

As mentioned, one of the unique features of Weyrdlets is the productivity aspects of its design.

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You can set a timer, create specific tasks, and even work your way through a to-do list as your pet keeps you company - as sometimes all you need to get in the zone is a friend to cheer you on.

What's even better is that your pets earn coins while you do this, giving you more opportunities when you hop back into the game to buy new items and start decorating.

There's even Twitch integration too, making this perfect for your stream as you chat to your viewers or load into your queue for your next match.

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