Weird West Is Becoming Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Weird West Is Becoming Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
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14th Apr 2022 14:55

The sign of any good developer is the ability to deliver an impressive roadmap and sticking to it. As the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite have shown us, that's not always easy to do. Still, WolfEye Studios is keen to take a leaf from the Call of Duty handbook with a packed Weird West roadmap.

Although Weird West has only just saddled up for the top-down action RPG, the devs are keen to prove the idea has legs to keep us tipping our stetsons and swaggering back into town. As well as borrowing from the Weird West genre it gets its name, the game adds something new - with any actions you perform being permanent. Even if you think you're done, there are zombies in them thar hills.

What's Next For Weird West?

Over 400,000 players have jumped into Weird West in just two and a half weeks, and to celebrate, WolfEye has a surprise for you. A new trailer shows off Weird West's community "Plague" event that will be free to play. Publisher Devolver Digital warns: "Reports are rolling in from across the Weird West of a plague of undead rising from the grave! Worse, a terrible sickness seems to follow in their wake. Stay sharp, travelers." 

The Plague is the first of several live events Devolver has planned. Weird West's sprawling roadmap includes plans to grow the game to include new story events, encounters, expansions and Journeys. More than just focussing on zombies, the video showcases a 'nimpossible mode', caged ones event, and the much-hyped addition of modding. The mention that all of these updates are free suggests a paid DLC could also be on the horizon.  

If you want to dig up some trouble, you'd better be quick because it's only a limited-time event. We've all heard of Cowboys vs Aliens, but for many, the idea of cowboys vs zombies might also sound familiar. Hmm, haven't we been here before with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare?


Is Weird West The Next Undead Nightmare?

Released in 2010, Undead Nightmare was a zombified expansion to Red Dead Redemption and took the story of John Marston in a wildly different direction. Set in an alternate timeline to the main game, Marston had to find a cure to the plague that had affected his wife and daughter. It's since been held as one of the greatest DLCs of all time, so we wouldn't be surprised if WolfEye hasn't at least taken some influence from this for Weird West's expansion.

There's no timeframe for when the rest of Weird West's roadmap will be unleashed, however, at least there's a plan. From taking the fight to the graveyard or sneaking around in the dead of night, Weird West looks like it's putting its own spin on the niche sub-genre of zombie Westerns. It should at least help fill the void left behind by the fact Rockstar still hasn't delivered an Undead Nightmare remake or sequel


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