The McDonald's McCrispy Gaming Chair Is So Ugly We Need It

The McDonald's McCrispy Gaming Chair Is So Ugly We Need It
Images via McDonald's | Sega

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Tom Chapman


8th Nov 2022 15:48

Just imagine coming back from a long day at work, kicking back and flipping burgers in Overcooked, all while tucking into a Big Mac with a side of large fries and a chocolate milkshake. It sounds like bliss, doesn't it? Dream no more, as the McDonald's McCrispy gaming chair is here.

What's the deal with fast-food giants getting in on the gaming scene? While we've now learned the KFConsole was just an elaborate hoax instead of something that could actually roast your chicken in while playing Elden Ring, McDonald's is genuinely joining our passion for pixels. 

What Is The McCrispy Gaming Chair?

Going viral right now, the McDonald's McCrispy gaming chair is a real thing. On Twitter, journalist Lousie Blain questioned what the industry has come to, as a press email about the McCrispy landed in her inbox. More than just your average gaming chair with the colour palette of the McDonald's uniform, the McCrispy gaming chair has a number of fast food gadgets. Think of it as a greasy version of James Bond's Aston Martin.

Every esports personality in the world is sure to want to get their hands on these. It's all centred around the McCrisphy sandwich, which is described as follows: "A crispy chicken sandwich made with tender and juicy 100% Canadian-raised seasoned chicken. It’s topped with shredded lettuce and creamy mayo-style sauce and served on a soft potato bun for a taste that’s so McDonald's". Great, now we're hungry.

The chair is reportedly stainproof, includes a fry holder, a burger warmer so yours doesn't go soggy when you get drawn into too many matches of Warzone, and dip holders. Whether you're a standard ketchup or more of a sweet curry, Maccies has you covered. There's also a holder for napkins, as well as modular armrests so you can swap your McCrispy to whatever side you want.

Can You Buy The McCrispy Gaming Chair?

Sadly, it's not as simple as saving up your McDonald's Monopoly tokens if you want to sit in the McCrispy gaming chair. Much like when Microsoft releases special edition Xboxes, this is largely a marketing stunt with only a limited number made. Apparently, there are just four McCrispy gaming chairs in the entire world. Don't worry though, someone will soon have the McCrispy gaming chair in your living room. 

The McDonald's UK Facebook page confirms you can win the McCrispy gaming chair. There is one winner and two runners-up. The runners-up will get a neon McCrispy sign each, while the winner gets the coveted McCrispy gaming chair. To enter, simply fill in the form before midnight on November 13. With Manny and Elz the Witch owning two of the chairs, there's still one rogue in the wild. We did see Maya Jama sitting on one in the McCrispy advert, so we're off to snatch it from her.

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