We finally have a date for the closure of Xbox's Activision Blizzard deal

We finally have a date for the closure of Xbox's Activision Blizzard deal
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Joseph Kime


22nd Sep 2023 10:04

We’ve spent so long talking about how long-winded and exhausting Xbox’s attempted purchase of Activision Blizzard is that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s actually happening.

Though we’re delirious with legal jargon we never really wanted to know about, it looks like the end is finally in sight when it comes to the biggest buyout in industry history, and albeit there are still those fighting against its completion, there are just as many who are happy to see it done just so we get to stop hearing about it.

And now, it looks like we’re finally getting there.

There is a planned date for the end of the ActiBlizz deal

We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It has been revealed that one more step has been completed in finalising the deal between Xbox and Activision Blizzard, and with its end, we’ve been offered a planned finishing date for the deal.

The CMA has now officially offered Microsoft and Activision Blizzard preliminary approval, meaning that in their eyes, the deal is all good to go ahead. Now that this roadblock has been cleared, the deal is set to reach a planned final decision on October 18. We might be a month away from the end. Thank goodness.

Is this finally the end of the ActiBlizz deal?

Activision Blizzard's many mascots, as featured on their website.
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Activision Blizzard

While there could yet be an interjection of some kind, with Sony still being pretty shaken up by the deal (though their impact now would probably be pretty minor), it looks as though it could finally be plain sailing for Xbox and their hopeful buyout of the Call of Duty team.

Though there are some who still feel this is a big step towards the monopolisation of the video game industry, it looks like the doors are closing regardless. Brace for impact.

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