We don't know what to think of Sonic the Hedgehog Crocs

We don't know what to think of Sonic the Hedgehog Crocs
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Joseph Kime


24th May 2023 17:20

Video game merch has never been particularly subtle. After all, if you're repping a shirt with the Skyrim emblem front and centre, you're screaming to other gaming fans, showing them that you're cool too!

After all, these video game giants don't exactly need advertising. While some designs can be pretty cool when it comes to merch (Aggrocrab and Devolver, we're looking at you, you flashy little devils), they're not always particularly covert.

And it looks like subtlety was never an option for SEGA, as their newest collaboration has proved with some garish Sonic the Hedgehog Crocs. 

Sonic Crocs are a thing, for some reason

You’ll either love or hate Sonic the Hedgehog Crocs
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Every day we stray further from the light of the Lord. As if the ongoing horrors we face as a species weren't bad enough, it seems that SEGA has decided we should suffer even further by subjecting us to the truly out-there Sonic collection...in collaboration with the infamous Crocs.

The new clogs are a bright red, peppered with bizarre Jibbitz that range from the innocuous Sonic head to the strange Chilli Dog, and bright green Chaos Emerald.

There are sizes for men and women, as well as sizes for kids and toddlers, meaning everyone is covered. If you've got your own Crocs you'd like to adorn with Sonic drip, though, there is a full pack of five Sonic character heads, as well as an individual Sonic that you can slather on your shoes.

Where can I buy the Sonic Crocs?

You’ll either love or hate Sonic the Hedgehog Crocs
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If you wanted to prove to your mates that you're the biggest Sonic fan of the lot, then you can pick up the atrocious crimes against fashion via the Crocs website. The adult ones come in at $60/£55, while the kids' ones are only a fraction cheaper at $50/£45.

This isn't the first kooky Croc collab we've seen enter the gaming sphere, with an even more vibrant Pokemon x Croc crossover being one for only the truest of Pokemon Masters. For those that wear Crocs though, you're probably used to standing out from the crowd. 

We're willing to accept that Crocs are back in fashion, but given that Sonic hasn't been in fashion since the '90s, this is a pretty tough sell. Well, that's unless you got really into Sonic Frontiers. And at that point, we have no right to judge you.

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