Watching People Sleep Is More Popular Than Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Watching People Sleep Is More Popular Than Call Of Duty: Vanguard
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Tom Chapman


5th Jan 2022 13:01

We knew things were bad for Call of Duty: Vanguard's popularity, but now, it turns out people would rather watch you sleep than play 2021's CoD chapter. Oh, what a snooze!

Before Vanguard even came out, there were accusations that we'd been here before with Call of Duty. It's true that Sledgehammer has become synonymous with World War II, however, we were promised something new with Vanguard. Sadly, it seems this sense of déjà vu has been putting some to sleep - but not in the way that can make you money. 

Is Sleeping More Popular Than Call Of Duty: Vanguard?

Fans have been keeping an eye on the Twitch metrics, and have noticed that at the time of writing, channels watching people sleep are getting more viewers than Vanguard. Right now, there are 4,942 people watching the I'm Only Sleeping channel, whereas Vanguard only has 2,019.

Considering the AAA title only came out in September, it makes for some pretty grim reading. The conversation spilled over onto Reddit. One critic wrote, "You’ve gotta be a weird mf to watch someone sleep," while another jibed back, "Still not as bad as watching Vanguard."

It's no secret that watching people sleep on Twitch is a popular trend. Like hot tub and yoga pants meta, we imagine there's a seedier side to it, still, some streamers make a small fortune every month just by catching zzzs while others watch them doze. Sorry Sledgehammer, you just can't compete. 

Are Things Really That Bad For Call Of Duty?

If complaints about Vanguard retreading old ground wasn't bad enough, there was a massive sales slump in the UK, and Twitch figures continue to tumble. Looking at the bigger picture, things aren't as dire as they seem - well, at least for the wider CoD universe.

We've previously covered how Vanguard was one of 2021's best-selling games and went on to become the 14th Call of Duty game in a row to be the highest-selling game of its release month. Returning to Twitch figures, there are currently 49,378 people watching Call of Duty: Warzone to prove the name isn't dead yet.

It will be interesting to see what the heavily rumoured Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can bring to the table. 2022's title might be confusingly titled, but there's already a lot of buzz (both positive and negative) about what's on the way. 

Yes, there might be the odd spike where people would rather watch someone take a nap than rain bullets on the Axis forces in Vanguard, but that doesn't mean Activision hasn't made a small fortune off its WWIII shooter. 


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