Fighting the good fight. Respect, Tommey.

14:21, 21 Jan 2021

Warzone reeks of cheaters and hackers in the current state of the game. The stench seeping out of Verdansk is one of a cheap self-loathing, with an essence of despair, sprinkled with a false aroma of rotten eggs. Cheaters and hackers have taken over, and Activision won't raise a finger.

Just as the world was running out of options and life in Verdansk was becoming bleak, a young Briton with a 100 Thieves cape has landed atop of Stadium waging war against the disintegrating meta. 

Former Call of Duty professional, Thomas "Tommey" Trewren, has landed with a sole purpose of purging each and every false facade's from the streets and has already swept some hefty names under the rug.

Previously of Dallas Empire, Team Reciprocity, Fnatic, and more, competitive play is something that Tommey holds valuable. With the looming precedent that Warzone will have an official esports division in the coming months, he has now caught out an admissive cheater with competition earnings under his belt: "Pacesetter".

Having been eliminated by Pacesetter in an official competition, Tommey spectated his foe and begun to notice some very unusual patterns. This prompted him to join Pacesetter's chat and ask to see his set-up, in a bid to identify and cheat software. With no avail, Tommey reported the streamer to the competitions admins who subsequently asked the accused pro to run a cheat-checking software, in which he coincidentally replied to hours after the admins requested, with the excuse that he was calling his parents.

With many more clips as evidence, Tommey has since called out Pacesetter again, with him now admitting that he used wallhacks on an "alt account" and it was just that one time. Although no further claims have been made, this is enough to make sure that another hacker will not be running through Verdansk, especially with everyone now casting a quizzical eye over his gameplay.


Tommey then took to Twitter to state "I hope you guys can understand that WZ is what I do for a living, competing and streaming. I love it and wouldn't swap it for anything, so when things like this happen it kills me inside". 

This now comes as yet another cheater sussed out by Tommey, who has many other players reputations in tarnishes, and rightly so. Despite the solid work though, he believes that the problem will never be solved until Activision step in and implement an anti-cheat software.

With his cape flapping in the wind of Verdansk, the pro community have rallied behind him, hoping to put an end to cheaters once and for all.




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Image via Activision | Fnatic

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