Warzone Players Want Devs To Start Again When Call Of Duty 2022 Releases

Warzone Players Want Devs To Start Again When Call Of Duty 2022 Releases
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25th Jan 2022 10:00

Call of Duty: Warzone has been going for some time, and it's gone through a lot of changes since it kicked off. From Verdansk, to Verdansk '84, and now to Caldera, with three different mainline Call of Duty games to draw character classes from, the battle royale is a melting pot of modern CoD titles, both for better and worse.

And now, as we gear up for the fourth Call of Duty title since Warzone's launch, fans are starting to think it might get a bit much. To be honest, we can see where you're coming from.

Do Call Of Duty Fans Want Warzone To Reset?

It looks like the relentless cross-pollination of Call of Duty games is getting to some fans, as a number of them have rallied up on Reddit to call for Warzone to do away with mainline game integration by the time Call of Duty 2022 rolls around.

"WARZONE should start fresh with the launch of MW 2022," reads an impassioned post on the CODWarzone subreddit. "Remove all old CoD games, all old game resources."

The upcoming game is currently rumoured to be a sequel to the 2019 remake of Modern Warfare, would bring with it more integration, new weapons, and would potentially entirely revamp the game itself - and fans aren't into that idea.

Fans React To Call For Warzone Reset

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Players in the comments of the post are echoing the original poster's sentiment, suggesting that Warzone needs to can the yearly integration with the mainline Call of Duty games.

"Agree 100 percent", says one user. "Stop doing yearly releases leave it two years and never go back to WW1 or two again please." "Why don't you apply for the job in Activision and teach them how to do it?" says another user, with a reply saying "Honestly I'm pretty sure most people on this subreddit would do a better job than them."

It seems that players want some big changes made to Warzone, but certainly not the changes that Raven Software will almost definitely have planned. It's likely that integration will continue, but it's clear to see that the game is growing muddled. There's only so much that the battle royale will be able to take - so is it time for Raven to switch off the tap?


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