Warzone Players Call For Devs To Fix ‘Silent’ Parachute Audio

Warzone Players Call For Devs To Fix ‘Silent’ Parachute Audio
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


25th Jan 2023 17:34

As Warzone 2 crawls its way to Season 2, time seems to be ticking ever so slowly to where a self-revive awaits. 

Every day, the developers promise new tweaks, changes, and features that will come in Season 2. This will hopefully restore the game to its full potential and end this seemingly prolonged beta test we've been suffering through.

Yet, the one area where the developers haven't been vocal is audio - specifically that of parachutes. After a viral clip emerged, players are calling for action to be taken.

Warzone 2 Players Fuming At Viral 'Silent Parachute' Clip

A new clip has surfaced on Reddit, which shows players being assassinated after a full squad of players parachuted onto their position without making a single sound.

The clip shows the user "StraightUpKnifes" being assassinated and shot in the back while the reload animation kicks in, but not a single murmur of sound is heard.

Even the first player that lands below the house could be heard landing in the clip. Despite players noticing that the paragliding team hadn't just redeployed - nulling the need for a better "enemy flying in" announcement.

This doesn't occur when players shoot down from Observatory, with the lack of noise made by the chutes and landing players angering the community.

Warzone 2 Players Call For Audio Overhaul

"I can't think of any excuse that would justify this. Audio cues are just as important as visual cues, especially in a battle royale," argued one fan on Reddit.

Countless players called on Infinity Ward to fix the sounds. Others argued that this is a bug which can be fixed, where the audio of the reload animation was "prioritised" and the parachute was muffled.

This technique is often used to help players hear footsteps over gunfire and bombs from nearby but could have glitched out parachute noise too.

"Yeah, the audio is a hot mess... They've actually managed to make it worse then Caldera," grumbled another fan.

Maybe the worst crime in the clip is the fact that the player yoinked his teammate's assassination kill. However, more importantly, the audio issue is real, and fans have had enough.

Jack Marsh
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