Warzone player uses ‘magic’ to defeat rivals

Warzone player uses ‘magic’ to defeat rivals
Images via Activision

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Megan Cooke


2nd Feb 2024 21:27

When you think of Call of Duty: Warzone, you probably don’t think about casting spells and making mischief with magic.

One Warzone player took a slightly different direction when faced with an opponent and worked with what they had to frustrate the enemy with their magical powers.

A Warzone player used ‘magic’ to spell his way to victory

Sometimes in order to win at Warzone you have to think outside the box.

TikTok user FBCracked shared a video where they are playing Warzone from the perspective of a mage, magic spells and all.

In the video, FBCracked can be seen throwing several Shock Sticks and shouting “Lightning Bolt” before tossing out a few “magic missiles”, which are actually drones which explode on impact.

While it is pretty clear from the video that the TikTok user is having a great time, the person they are fighting is less impressed.

He says: “Jesus dude go outside,” before calling him a “freak”.

This is not the first time that FBCracked has pulled out the mage build, and several of his TikTok videos are dedicated to him casting spells on the battlefield.

Viewers are charmed by the creation of the Warzone Wizard class

The TikTok video was relatively well received, with many of the viewers laughing at both the reaction of the other guy and the magical references themselves. 

“He is just mad he did not pick wizard as his class,” said one commenter.

Another said: “They brought guns to a magic fight and can't keep up.”

“Everybody gangsta till the wizard casts fireball in a small room,” added a third.

There is something to be said for the creativity of pairing items with magic spells, which enchanted quite a few viewers.

Despite this, not everyone found the video quite as amusing, with one person writing: “If this is what COD has become, good thing I didn’t buy it.”

Another commenter agreed with the person in the video’s comment to ‘go outside’ stating: “Nah he’s right I would have said the same thing.”

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While there is unfortunately not a mage class in Warzone outside of our imaginations, the video is a lot of fun and a great reminder not to take the game too seriously.

Unfortunately, it is also a reminder that not everyone in the game is quite as willing to let loose as you may be.

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