Warzone Mobile player buys an iPad for the ultimate villain arc

Warzone Mobile player buys an iPad for the ultimate villain arc
Images via Apple | Activision Mobile

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Tom Chapman


22nd Mar 2024 13:17

Activision has just dropped a nuclear bomb on the Call of Duty franchise, hoping to decimate the battle royale industry (once again) and also turn the mobile market to dust. After the unprecedented success of Call of Duty: Warzone, the gaming giant is praying lightning will strike twice with the release of Warzone Mobile.

As the name suggests, Warzone Mobile picks up the flagship battle royale title and takes it on the go. We've been waiting years for the release, but as we got closer to launch, some blatant problems started to rear their head. Namely, Warzone Mobile might not be as mobile as you'd think.

Warzone Mobile player created the ultimate 'villain arc' with iPad

Popular Call of Duty account @ModernWarzone is making the most of this nostalgic trip back to Verdansk and unveiled their own "villain arc". There have been grumbles about being able to use controllers on Warzone Mobile, and now, ModernWarzone has had enough of you moaning.

We've already covered how Warzone Mobile benefits iPhone players, with those who've stumped up for the iPhone 15 Pro and the M1 or M2 iPad being able to access the "Peak Graphics Mode" option. There's also been the famous finger fallout, with some annoyed that Warzone Mobile will support external controllers.

Trying to rattle the already disgruntled fandom, ModernWarzone has bought a new iPad to play the game. As you can imagine, there are plenty of salty comments. One critic simply wrote, "This is so sad😄🤦🏻‍♂️". There are wider complaints about Warzone Mobile in general.

Another said, "Just downloaded it. Absolutely unplayable without a controller or outside assistance. Keeping for the free rewards then deleting. Not worth it," and a third said, "They wouldn’t promote the use of controllers so much if it wasn’t intended to drive players to use one on mobile 🤷‍♂️." 

Rising from the ashes of Warzone

Warzone Mobile Gulag
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Image via Activision Mobile

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While the main Warzone continues to make a fortune, there's no escaping the fact that Warzone's best days could be behind it. Despite the creation of Warzone 2.0, the second iteration has still been hit by a deluge of bugs, glitches, and an ever-growing number of cheaters.

Warzone Mobile looks like a genuine breath of fresh air that can start from scratch, but already, we're seeing the same complaints trickle through. We'd also argue that if you're sat at home, next to your wifi router, playing Warzone mobile on iPad and using a controller, why not just boot up the console version? Verdansk is a big pull, but how long will it last? 

As one of the comments on ModernWarzone's thread said, "Today: WZ mobile is so good I’m getting everyone hyped. 3 months later: WZ mobile needs massive work and has a lot of issues. Rinse repeat yearly." Warzone Mobile is off to a flying start, but with controller and finger players already turning on each other, it could be a bloodbath. 

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