Warzone Hackers Are Being Trolled With Fake Opponents By Ricochet

Warzone Hackers Are Being Trolled With Fake Opponents By Ricochet

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Jack Marsh


8th Sep 2022 16:17

Ricochet has made a habit of playing with their food since being added as the Warzone anti-cheat software, and they're up to their usual tricks again.

The anti-cheat software came in to tackle a battle royale that housed more cheaters than any other title, yet with such a gargantuan task on their hands, they've done quite an exemplary job in cleaning up the streets of Caldera.

Of course, some cheaters have slipped through the net and others have found ways of re-using their hacks under other accounts. But, the software has found quite a hilarious way of mocking the meddlesome swindlers, and now they're trolling hackers with fake players.

Warzone Hackers Are Being Trolled With Fake Players

A recent TikTok has gone viral showing off Ricochet's latest mimic, where a hacker is followed around by a fake Warzone player, messing with their audio and aimbot.

The video shows the hacker facing invincible opponents who can pass through walls and walk in the air.

Clearly befuddled by the stalking fake player, the hacker was followed by Ricochet's fool in the Gulag and when dropping back into Caldera.


It's not the first time Ricochet has played jokes on their victims either. Before banning the players from the game, the software often plays a joke on hackers.

Previously, Ricochet made players invincible against hackers, giving effectively making them fire peas at players rather than bullets.

Ricochet might have just been using up their jokes before the hard work starts with Warzone 2, but at least they've had a good trial run so far.

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