Warzone fans slam 'lame' Tonfa nerf & claim it still kills too fast

Warzone fans slam 'lame' Tonfa nerf & claim it still kills too fast
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Alex Garton


16th May 2024 16:40

We've seen the domination of countless weapons during Warzone's history, with certain guns almost feeling like must-use options to compete in the meta.

From the DMR-14 & Mac-10 era of Verdansk to the more recent takeover of the DOOM shotgun, these picks had their time in the spotlight before being heavily nerfed.

It's not as often that we see a melee weapon become an issue and start causing chaos in Battle Royale. However, that's exactly what's happened recently with the Tonfa on Rebirth Island.

Well, the devs looked to address the problem with nerfs on May 15, but according to the community, they have missed the mark.

Tonfa nerfed in Warzone in May 15 patch notes

Similar to the Kali Sticks from back in the day (sorry for the flashbacks), the Tonfa has become a serious problem on Rebirth Island, with competitors closing the gap on enemies and bashing them to death.

In an attempt to tune down the Melee Weapon, the devs changed its damage profile on May 15, so it takes four hits instead of three to eliminate an enemy with full health and 3 armour plates.

While this buys a victim a little more time, the main problem the community has with the Tonfa is the fact that it locks onto its opponents.

This means it feels like you can never escape, and it's extremely difficult to land any shots on a foe before you're sent to the death screen.

Warzone fans flame Tonfa changes & claim there's still "no escape"

Tonfa Melee weapon WZ
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Taking to the CODWarzone subreddit, user TSM-HabZ decided to argue that the "Tonfa nerf changed basically nothing," and it's going to be plaguing Rebirth.

Many in the community shared this view in the thread, making it clear that the devs have misunderstood what makes the Tonfa such a threat.

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"Yeah, it’s not so much the 3 hit down as it is having the dude glue to you as soon as he starts swinging," said one user, with another claiming, "THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING, it's like as soon as they get in arms reach you're just f**ked with absolutely no escape or kind of inherent counterplay option."

So, while the Tonfa may take a little more time to kill you, you'll likely still see plenty of them being swung on Rebirth Island - keep your eyes peeled.

Alex Garton
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