Warzone fans highlight ‘serious gameplay flaws’ compared to 2020

Warzone fans highlight ‘serious gameplay flaws’ compared to 2020
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Jack Marsh


16th Jan 2024 17:40

Warzone players are constantly chasing that dopamine and endorphin rush that we got during the pandemic-heightened Verdansk era.

But Urzikstan, while being the closest we have gotten yet, still falls short of scratching that same itch.

Now, Warzone fans have pointed out several negative ways that the battle royale has changed since its Verdansk glory days.

Warzone fans list 'flaws' in current battle royale model

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Taking to a popular Reddit thread, one Warzone fan has now reeled off a range of features which are a detriment to the current state of Warzone, compared to that of old, saying, "This iteration has serious gameplay choice flaws."

User "Sydarmx" has aimed at loot boxes, killstreaks, armour and munitions storage, vehicles, self-revives and cash, perk packages, gulag kits, and gas masks all as features that have been ruined.

"The problems this game exudes are monumental on a gameplay level. It doesn’t matter what guns are meta, or how broken AA is. If the game has design flaws these dumb issues become less existent," they said.

The thread has been popular on the platform, with one fan adding, "I agree with every single word. I wanna play Verdansk for the good old memories though."

Does Warzone need to overhaul its features?

Most of the Redditor's features all pointed towards how easy Warzone is at the moment in terms of buy-back-ability, which is fun for Resurgence but detracts from the tactical approach that a lot of Warzone players enjoy. 

In the current age, your life means very little as there's so much money, flares, gulag kits, and portable buy stations as redeployment options for the decreased $3,000, all of which mean you no longer have to value your life until the end of the game, and this is taking away from the quality that Warzone offers.

Other features like the backpack system and loot boxes wouldn't be too bad if players weren't falling back from the skies to regain every two minutes.

So, maybe it's time that the developers looked to step away from the 100-player lobbies with a heavy influence on regaining, and instead opted for bigger lobbies with fewer opportunities to recover.

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