Warzone fans fear long-awaited one-shot snipers in Season 3

Warzone fans fear long-awaited one-shot snipers in Season 3
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Jack Marsh


11th Apr 2023 16:35

After a year of getting hit-markers with snipers in Warzone 2, and audibly complaining about it, it seems like players have finally gotten used to the meta. Just as the developers announce a buff for the long-range weapon class.

The sniping meta changed significantly following the port to Warzone 2 from the prequel, with all long-range weapons taking a minimum of two bullets to kill a full-armoured player, even with a headshot.

Fans predictably hated this change at first, and have since been riddled by a bug where an LTM one-shot sniper could be saved to a loadout giving players an unfair advantage. However, the developers have now announced big plans for the sniping meta.

Call of Duty announces the return of one-shot snipers

Following the addition of the iconic Intervention sniper, Call of Duty developers have now revealed that some specific weapons will have the capacity to kill enemies in a single bullet, starting in Season 3.

"Expect the return of one-shot sniper rifles — under certain attachment and platform conditions — as part of this seasonal update," the developers said in their latest blog post.

Warzone 2 fans fear the return of one-shot snipers

With this change, though, some players are already running a little bit scared.

In particular, one player has pointed out that with Al Mazrah's controversial Buy Station locations being out in the open, one-shot snipers will make it almost impossible for players to buy what they need. 

"We'll all be dying to low-skill buy station (or loadout drop) guardians, and I'm just saying, it's gonna get way more annoying than it is now," said the fearful Warzone player.

Call of Duty devs have offered scared Warzone 2 players some saving grace, as they have also said Buy Stations will be moved to "safe locations" to prevent such camping.

"There will be a change to Buy Station locations that puts them in safer spots, such as indoor locations or places with nearby cover. This change will apply to both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island," the blog said.

The majority of players are excited, and the old-school Intervention montages will likely be populating our timeline in a matter of days.

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