Warzone devs criticised for making popular AR ‘useless'

Warzone devs criticised for making popular AR ‘useless'
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24th Oct 2023 11:55

When it comes to the best assault rifles in Warzone, the M13B has stood above the rest as a top contender for the last few seasons.

With high damage output and a laser-beam recoil pattern, it was perfect for eliminating foes from afar. However, after it began dominating the pick rate charts, the devs hit the gun with a hard nerf.

While no longer the king of ARs, the M13B remained a competitive choice and a firm fan favourite. Well, that changed overnight, with the weapon's power being reduced even more on October 23.

This has caused an uproar in the community, who are confused about why the devs have decided to make the gun completely "useless."

M13B AR hit with heavy nerfs in October 23 Warzone patch

On October 23, the latest Warzone patch notes were released, and they contained a huge amount of weapon balance changes. On that list included the M13B, which had its close-range damage, neck multiplier and torso multiplier decreased.

Overall, this makes the weapon far less consistent when attempting to beam foes from afar, as it's difficult to land pinpoint headshots at long range.

While the devs did increase the gun's head damage multiplier, this is more of an improvement for mid-range skirmishes compared to the long-distance kills the M13B was once known for.

Warzone fans slam devs for making M13B 'useless'

M13B Call of Duty
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Taking to the CODWarzone subreddit, a lot of M13B fans were devastated at the news that the gun has once again been put to the sword.

"Yet another nerf to the M13 making it even more obsolete than ever before... they straight up just don’t want anyone using this gun anymore," said one user, with another arguing, "Jee, thanks for nerfing the gun I've loved since launch."

It's clear the devs want to eradicate the M13B from the meta, and based on the recent changes, they're going to succeed.

However, for the countless competitors who love the weapon, it may be time to finally move on, and potentially pick up the recently buffed M4.

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