Warzone 2 pro reveals 'secret strategies' to dominate Ranked

Warzone 2 pro reveals 'secret strategies' to dominate Ranked
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Alex Garton


30th May 2023 15:15

Warzone 2 Ranked finally arrived in Season 3 Reloaded, and it introduced a new level of competitive play to the popular battle royale.

Of course, the community is desperate to climb the ladder and make it to the highest divisions, but a lot of the time, players will plateau along the way.

Whether it's in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or even Diamond, they'll run into a roadblock where it feels like they can't reach the next tier.

At this point, it's often advised to some tips from a WZ2 expert and luckily, Isaac "IceManIsaac" Hamilton has a set of 'secret strategies' you can use to start dominating Ranked.

Best Warzone 2 Ranked tactics for winning matches

Before any other step, IceManIsaac makes it clear that you need to have a skilled team who are all on the same page when it comes to communication and working together. This will give you the best chance at securing victories and coming out on top during your gunfights.

Next, Isaac claims you need to know when to leave a lost gunfight, instead of attempting to come out on top in a 1v3. Racking up SR in Ranked is all about your placement, so if you're teammates get downed, it's better to retreat and res them - rather than dying in a hard-to-win skirmish.

After that, make sure you're always prioritising a self-revive kit over multiple UAVs. This piece of equipment will regularly get you out of sticky situations and with so many players running Ghost, a self-res will usually be more useful than a UAV.

Perhaps the most important tip from Isaac is to ensure you and your teammates get 'taps'. This means that to maximise your SR gain, it's key that every member of your squad deals damage to an opponent because if they do, they'll receive more points.

While it's not worth dying just to secure an assist, in certain situations, it's better to keep an opponent alive for a little longer so all of your team can shoot them for more points.

Which weapons should you use in Warzone 2 Ranked?

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In terms of which weapons to use in Warzone 2 Ranked, Isaac recommends a number of options, including the Cronen Squall, MCPR-300, Chimera, Vaznev-9k, MP5 and (of course) the ISO Hemlock.

All of these are top-tier options, but if you're looking for the specific loadouts with all the strongest attachments, check out our best Warzone 2 Ranked loadouts list. Hopefully, with all these new tactics and strategies, you'll be able to significantly increase your SR gain and climb Ranked with ease.

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