Warzone 2 players slam snipers & 'pathetic' explosive rounds

Warzone 2 players slam snipers & 'pathetic' explosive rounds
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Alex Garton


31st May 2023 14:15

When it comes to long-range combat in Warzone 2, snipers are a brilliant choice as they can eliminate a foe in milliseconds and give them no opportunity to fight back.

To achieve a one-shot kill, you have to run the explosive rounds attachment on a sniper, which significantly amplifies the rifle's firepower.

However, the bullet velocity of explosive rounds was nerfed in Season 3 Reloaded. Since then, the community has not been happy with the way snipers are performing anymore. Slamming the attachment as 'pathetic,' they argue explosive rounds now make a sniper 'bad' as the bullet drop is awful at long-range.

Warzone 2 players claim explosive rounds are 'pathetic'

State of explosive rounds sniper in warzone2 (no hit-reg bug)
by u/JustLawly in CODWarzone

Taking to the CODWarzone subreddit, user JustLawly showcased the 'state of explosive rounds' in Warzone 2 by posting a clip of a 'no-hit reg bug' that's affecting the attachment.

This sparked a discussion within the community about the attachment, with one CoD fan arguing, "Explosive rounds are pathetic... The bullet drop is awful and to top it off, the hits don’t register quite often."

Another claimed that "Even on the dummies in firing range I find you get a lot of ghost bullets with explosive rounds," so it's clear this is a fundamental issue with the attachment. Finally, one user even suggested that the devs should "remove explosive ammo and make snipers one shot," just like in the days of Warzone 1.

Are snipers worth using in Warzone 2?

Sniper MW2
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Courtesy of Activision

Snipers are certainly still worth using in Warzone 2, especially in Ranked - where playing for placements and posting up in power positions will always be an effective strategy. Currently, the MCPR-300 has the highest sniper pick rate in WZ2 at 10.9% and is considered the strongest rifle in the game.

If you're looking to avoid hit-reg bugs and bullet drop-off from a distance though, it's most likely just worth using the High-Velocity ammunition. This will give you more consistency and avoid you having to second-guess yourself when a bullet seems to miss a target for no reason.

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