Warzone 2 players are desperate for simple Squad HUD change

Warzone 2 players are desperate for simple Squad HUD change
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Alex Garton


30th May 2023 17:15

While new game modes, weapons, Operators, and maps are necessary to keep the community interested in Warzone 2, it's often the quality of life changes that receive the most requests.

Although these are rarely the most exciting additions, they improve a player's overall experience and build on the game's core systems.

Unfortunately, as these alterations rarely stir up much hype or attention, they're often neglected by the devs, which leads to a lot of frustration from CoD fans.

Well, a new quality-of-life change has been suggested, and it would remove the need for squads to calculate their total amount of cash. Instead, the game would do the math for them, showing exactly how much money they have in total.

'Simple' Warzone 2 HUD change shows a squad's total cash

Can we get this Simple yet so useful Squad HUD change
by u/JustLawly in CODWarzone

Taking to the CODWarzone subreddit, user JustLawly has suggested that Raven Software implement a 'simple' quality of life change to Warzone 2. The update would involve adding a small tab above the squad HUD bar that shows the total amount of cash a team, as well as their individual amounts.

This would mean players would know the instant they have enough to buy a loadout drop instead of having to evaluate all the cash values in their heads.

Oftentimes, squads won't realise they've hit enough for loadout or have the cash between them to get a UAV, so having this would allow competitors to get the most out of their money.

Warzone 2 players claim devs will never implement this

Warzone 2 Operator with mask
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Courtesy of Activision

Although the community agreed that this feature would be immensely helpful, the majority of users don't think Raven will ever add it to the game.

One user joked that the devs believe it's "better to add a new battle pass variant instead like Blackcell," rather than working on quality of life changes. Another claimed they're confused why so many "horrible decisions" have been made "across the game" when it comes to UI.

Others are just shocked that the Squad UI from Warzone 1 wasn't carried over, instead "years of development" time were completed just to "scrap all the results." Either way, we'll just have to wait and see whether Season 4 brings any changes to the squad HUD, but it's clear CoD fans are not holding out hope.

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