Warzone 2 Combat Records are here... and they're broken

Warzone 2 Combat Records are here... and they're broken
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Jack Marsh


8th Mar 2023 15:34

As something that should be a standard in Call of Duty, fans of the franchise were confused when the Combat Records were missing from Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 at launch.

To make it even weirder, it took months for the simple math to appear on our accounts with the Season 2 update, allowing us to begin setting a K/D ratio and tallying up wins in the battle royale mode.

However, even though it took one whole season to arrive, fans are just noticing that the system is actually broken...

Warzone 2 Combat Records are broken

According to Redditor "Realistic_Peace9652", the Combat Records for Warzone 2 are "rigged".

The user has found the Records to show that they've won five games of Solos, but the player confessed that this is untrue as they're still in search of their first solos wins.

After being highlighted, other players have now noticed that their Warzone 2 stats differ from what they should be too.

One player said, "I got 6 duo wins and it says I got none," while another also added, "I have only one actual win since stats started to track but my stats say I have seven. There's definitely something wrong".

Warzone devs slammed for Combat Record mix-ups

"It’s incredible how stats, a thing that’s been around forever in CoD, is all of the sudden just not a thing for these devs," claimed one fan. 

As far as Call of Duty fans can remember, players could see their overall kill-to-death ratio effectively, even going as far back as World at War (2007), albeit they were branded as "Barracks" back then.

The new Warzone stats also combine Al Mazrah and Ashika Island performances together, which were separate in the original game (between Verdansk and Rebirth Island), causing more confusion within the community.

As a stalwart feature in the game franchise and a simple mathematic equation at most, it might be time that the developers get their abacus' out and do some real addition.

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