Warframe's Whispers In The Walls could be game's biggest update in years

Warframe's Whispers In The Walls could be game's biggest update in years
Digital Extremes

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Lloyd Coombes

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24th Nov 2023 21:00

Warframe's next big update, Whispers In The Walls, is coming next month, and Digital Extremes' free-to-play space ninja title is getting plenty to keep its players entertained.

Despite having no release date as yet outside of December 2023, the game's latest dev stream has showcased what Tenno can expect.

[Update: Whispers in the Walls launches on December 13]

Whispers In The Walls is Warframe's next update

EntratiLab Environment in Warframe
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We previously saw some of what's expected as part of the new cinematic quest through a Tennocon reveal, with players exploring the creepy lab of Albrecht Entrati, a character steeped in mystery.

Not only will the update add a pair of new tilesets for players to explore, as well as a new secondary weapon type, the Grimoire, but we now know two fresh mission types are coming, too; Alchemy and Netracells, as well as a fresh enemy type called the Murmur.

Once players finish the new cinematic quest, they'll unlock a new Tennokai system that allows for a random heavy attack to be dished out for free without breaking the combo counter. New mods will be available to keep the punishment coming, too.

Whispers In The Wall will also begin the rollout of cross-save functionality to the game, as well as a much more streamlined progression path for players who want to check out the new content.

Qorvex is coming, and so is Gauss prime

Qorvex in Warframe, the 55th Warframe
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The titular Warframes are a key part of the game's allure, with each offering unique properties and attacks. The 55th addition to the roster is Qorvex, a Void project enshrouded in concrete that deals radiation status ailments to foes.

Qorvex also summons concrete walls and fusion pillars to control the flow of battle and is certainly sporting a unique design.

Gauss, the game's fastest Warframe, will be getting a new Prime variant in January, while Sevagoth will get a new Deluxe skin when Whispers In The Walls arrives.

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