Wardell Leaks That Stewie2k Could Be Switching To VALORANT

Wardell Leaks That Stewie2k Could Be Switching To VALORANT

Written by 

Jack Marsh


23rd Jun 2022 14:11

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major winner Jacky "Stewie2k" Yip could be about to switch to VALORANT, after a conversation between himself and Matthew "Wardell" Yu was leaked on stream, although the pairs' comments have riled fans.

Stewie2k might well be one of the most entertaining players that Counter-Strike has to offer, once propelling in the scene as an 18-year-old for Cloud9 in 2016. With a Major title to his name, ELeague Major Boston 2018, Stewie has since won many more championships with MIBR and Team Liquid.

However, without much success in the last three years, Stewie has found himself on a struggling Evil Geniuses roster, and now could be looking for a career away from CS:GO, specifically in VALORANT.

Is Stewie2k Switching To VALORANT?

With EG in dire straights, a move is on the cards for Stewie, and a recent leak by fellow professional Wardell suggests that a switch to VALORANT is imminent.

Whilst on stream, Wardell accidentally leaked an interaction between himself and Stewie, where he said, "if you were to go pro, you would need a good team", signifying that the pair were discussing a potential switch earlier in the conversation.

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Stewie2k would be one of the most high-profile players to switch to VALORANT from CS:GO, with a Major under his belt, following in the footsteps of the now-retired Spencer "Hiko" Martin and co.


VALORANT Fans angry With Wardell's 'No Skill' Comments

Despite the exciting prospect of having Stewie in VALORANT, the pair have now angered fans by saying that the game requires "no skill" and that players are "braindead".

Cloud9's Anthony "Vanity" Malaspina mocked Wardell, who lead the "braindead" comments, saying that "we all f**king suck at this game when comparing ourselves to players like himself," taking a swipe at Wardell's lack of success on the game.

Fans also claimed that Wardell's "ego" is too big, having been kicked from his TSM team and has yet to make an impact on a global scale.

One sentiment that was shared by everyone though was his back-handed praise of OpTic Gaming, saying that they're the only team to stay consistent so far.

Should Stewie2k fancy his chances in VALORANT, he might need to tone down the trash-talk, otherwise, he might struggle to find a team to back up his comments.

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