Viral hit Only Up! is now in Fortnite

Viral hit Only Up! is now in Fortnite
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23rd Jun 2023 15:52

In the words of Toy Story's Woody, "Reach for the skies." That's the motto of viral sensation Only Up!, as we climb high with this indie game that's all over Twitch right now. As with any of these games, it doesn't take longer for its bigger brothers to cotton onto the idea.

We've seen Epic Games' Fortnite piggyback on the success of Among Us with its controversial Imposter mode being accused of ripping off Innersloth's whodunnit. Now, you can play Only Up! in Fortnite, as these two worlds combine.

Fortnite adds Only Up! in Creative Mode

For those who haven't seen SCKR's Only Up!, the premise is pretty simple. Using a variety of objects and your own legs, you have to climb high with the goal of reaching heaven. To get there, you'll navigate a weird and wonderful obstacle course, but tumble, and it's straight back to the bottom.

Many of us have been ploughing hours into Only Up!, frustrated when we've dropped back to the ghetto and had to start all over again. Boasting a catchy soundtrack and impressive visuals, this is a great win for the developer's first game. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for Only Up!'s grip to seep into Fortnite.

Appearing in the newly revamped Creative 2.0, players have made the most of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). Player "ARMY" has released the Only Up! inspired mode under the Island Code: 4366-9611-6988. It's categorised under the "Deathrun and Parkour" section. 

Players can't get enough of Only Up! in Fortnite

Fortnite Only Up! Creative Map
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Epic Games

While we're disappointed the OG Fortnite map has never returned in its full glory, the Only Up! Creative map is a love letter to the game's early days. As well as Flush Factory and Dusty Depot, we even see Kevin's cube. It's a long way to the top, with over 3,700m to climb. 

As this isn't an official Fortnite collab, we doubt there's a lot SCKR can do. Still, it's also likely to funnel more players into downloading Only Up! on Steam. Considering the main game is $9.99/£8.50, it's hardly breaking the bank.

Since Creative 2.0 was released in March, we've seen some bold and brilliant maps that have brought back the OG map, honoured the likes of Call of Duty, and even recreated DOOM. Players are really putting the creative in Creative 2.0. If you're a fan of Only Up! or not, give it a go in Fortnite

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