How To Get Resident Evil Village's Secret Beneviento Treasure

How To Get Resident Evil Village's Secret Beneviento Treasure

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Tom Chapman


7th Jun 2021 16:48

Resident Evil Village players have unearthed another macabre mystery from the depths of this gothic nightmare, as Capcom delivers one of its wildest adventures yet. Away from taking out the heads of House Dimitrescu, Beneviento, Moreau, and Heisenberrg, toppling mother Miranda, and getting your daughter back, Ethan Winters' story is littered with side quests. One of the best is the Beneviento Treasure quest.

Easily the most pulse-pounding part of the game is the trip inside the Child's Play-inspired House Beneviento. Here, you have to best Donna Beneviento and her haunted doll, Angie. If you thought being stalked by Lady Dimitrescu through the hallways of her castle was terrifying, that's nothing compared to the horrors of House Beneviento. If you make it out alive, the Beneviento Treasure sidequest is well worth a sidestep before you move onto Salvatore Moreau. 

How to start the Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure quest

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With Donna and Angie out for the count, it's back to the central village hub before moving onto the next chunk of the story. On the way back, dip into the garden at House Beneviento and find Claudia Beneviento's grave with a missing plaque. It tells you to "give up your memories", but unfortunately, nothing in your inventory fits the slot (yet). Besting the Beneviento Treasure is a tough challenge for players to tackle, which involves beating several undead, locating Claudia Beneviento's plaque, and going toe-to-toe with a formidable giant. 

Head back to the graveyard in the village hub and find the tomb opposite the Goats of Warding shrine. Be warned, this area can only be accessed between House Beneviento and Moreau's Reservoir - try to access later, and you'll find the mausoleum closed. When you've killed the two undead in the graveyard, grab the Broken Slab from the mausoleum and get ready to return it to Claudia's resting place. 

How to complete the Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure quest

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When you return to Claudia's grave, a mini-boss leaps out of the trees. He's a biggun' and requires lots of bullets to down him. We'd advise keeping your distance to avoid his giant swings. He'll also leap from side to side, meaning he can be tricky to keep track of. If that wasn't enough, undead enemies will spawn around him as an added challenge. We'd advise peppering the area with mines to chip away at the boss' health. Bombs can also be a lifesaver here.

Luckily, the Moroaicas enemies drop a tonne of crafting materials that can help you build some handy tools. Once the giant is dead and the area is cleared, he'll drop the Giant Crystal Axe - which can be sold for a whopping 30,000 Lei. Step up to Claudia's grave and place the Broken Slab in its rightful place. To the victor, the spoils, with the Beneviento Treasure being revealed as Berengario’s Chalice. Visit the Duke and sell the treasure for 18,000 Lei. With the secrets unlocked, the Beneviento Treasure quest can be a lucrative segue from Ethan's main story.


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