Verdansk Appears To Be Returning To The Warzone Franchise

Verdansk Appears To Be Returning To The Warzone Franchise

Written by 

Jack Marsh


9th Sep 2022 12:30

We've all got fond memories of Verdansk, and whether you wanted its return or not, its return appears to be imminent thanks to a new teaser.

The 'OG' Warzone map played host to hundreds of millions of players since gracing our screens back in 2019, serving as a playground for Call of Duty fanatics, a hub for online communities during the pandemic, and a benchmark for all future Warzone maps.

Now, Verdansk appears to finally be making its return, albeit not to Warzone 2.

Warzone Mobile Trailer Teases Verdansk Return

Amid the sequel of Warzone coming to consoles, Warzone: Mobile has quietly gone about its business, unbothered and efficiently. Set to be officially unveiled at the Call of Duty: Next showcase on September 15, the mobile battle royale is set to release in the coming weeks, and Verdansk is set to be its host.

Following the news that a pre-registration period will kick off after CoD: Next, A Mobile Showcase by GameSpot has now revealed a small trailer that depicts the same aircraft known to Verdansk as Warzone: Mobile's focal point.

More tea is set to be spilled during the showcase, although it looks pretty clear that the old rumours of Verdansk's return to a non-main-Warzone port has become true.


Warzone: Mobile Will Include Cross-Progression with Warzone 2

Fans have also found that the page meta for the Warzone: Mobile URL on Call of Duty's official website includes a description for the game that details "shared progression" and "120 player count matches".

The 120 player count further backs up the claim of Verdansk, while shared progression signifies that players might be able to increase their XP levels in both the console and mobile. It could also open up an opportunity for Nintendo Switch, where shared professional would be more compatible.

Verdansk's handheld return might hammer in the last nail to its legacy on console though, with the developers clearly reluctant to port it in to the sequel.

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