Valve’s Deadlock is taking over the internet

Valve’s Deadlock is taking over the internet
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Harry Boulton


17th May 2024 11:00

Any mention of a new Valve game, let alone an entirely new IP, is likely to set the internet alight. Now, leaks of an alleged upcoming hero shooter, Deadlock, certainly look promising.

While high-profile releases like Counter-Strike 2 and Half-Life: Alyx have dropped in the past few years, Deadlock would join Artifact as the only entirely new Valve IP to come out in over 15 years. So, it's no wonder that the hype train has already firmly left the station.

Leaks suggest Valve's new game is 'Deadlock'

As first reported by notable Valve leaker Gabe Follower, Valve's next game - previously known as 'Neon Prime' and 'Citadel' is now called 'Deadlock'. The leak alleges that the game will take the form of a "competitive third-person hero-based shooter" with a setting that mixes both fantasy and steampunk aesthetics.

In terms of how it plays, Gabe Follower indicates that Deadlock will be "fast-paced," and feature similarities to titles like "Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, VALORANT, Smite, [and] Orcs Must Die."

This is a rather intriguing direction for Valve to take, as it looks like it'll be going up against many of the industry's heaviest hitters - including at least two of the company's own titles. You'd also presume that Deadlock will be primed for esports too, so Valve's vast experience in the market could prove incredibly useful.

Deadlock could be closer than we think

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Further information from Tyler McVicker also appears to suggest that Deadlock might not be too far in the near future, as he reveals that the game is currently in a Closed Alpha stage with hundreds of players enjoying it.

These participants range from friends and family of the developers to competitive players and content creators. We saw a similar situation happen prior to the announcement and release of Counter-Strike 2, and it was only a few months after that we got our hands on the game, so the same could be true for Deadlock.

The internet is currently awash with screenshot leaks, so you don't have to look very far to see Deadlock in action. McVicker also indicates that the official announcement is imminent, so perhaps we could see Valve pop up at Summer Game Fest to unveil their new title. We know we won't be alone in our excitement!

Harry Boulton
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