Valve Patches Controversial Exploit As G2 m0NSEY Is Accused Of Immoral Play

Valve Patches Controversial Exploit As G2 m0NSEY Is Accused Of Immoral Play
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Jack Marsh


16th May 2022 15:09

G2 Esports' young prodigy Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov got his first taste of Major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) action at PGL Antwerp, and with many people excited to see the 17-year-old superstar take over, he's now hit the headlines for controversial reasons.

After a clip surfaced of m0NESY using a smoke grenade exploit in G2 Esports' win over Imperial Esports, the competitive CS:GO community erupted, criticising both the player and the Tournament Organisers PGL for allowing this to happen.

With the exploit causing quite the ruckus, Valve has now stepped in to remove this, in a prompt hotfix.

G2 M0nesy Seen Using One-Way Smoke Exploit

The commotion unfolded in G2's second game at the Major, where the team was operating on the CT side of Mirage. 

Following a smoke grenade being hurled his way - a common tactic used by T-side to cut off vision through a key window - m0NESY stunned viewers by pulling out his own grenade to place by a wall, creating an opening in the sight and subsequently getting two kills.

To a non-CS:GO fan, the tactic may seem completely normal, however, the exploit creates a glitch in the game where a one-way smoke is created, effectively giving him a cloak of invisibility while being able to see perfectly out of it.

Despite this being within the game, many believe that the use of such an exploit is immoral and in bad faith, breaking sportsman-like conduct. However, m0NESY did take to Twitter to admit that G2 Esports asked the officials whether it is acceptable to use, and they obliged. "We also asked on RMR quals tournament admins if we can use this smoke. They allowed it to use," he said on Twitter.


Valve Fix M0NESY's Smoke Exploit

PGL then took to social media themselves, after the clip began to anger fans and players. The TO's said, "We are using the latest client version of CS:GO, and we will allow the smoke going forward," much to the bemusement of the general player base. 

Not that it mattered. Just hours later and Valve released a hot-fix for the glitch, rendering it useless now. 

No ruling has been made against G2 Esports though, who have been allowed to use the bug to win a round. Whether karma will come around, or m0NESY will learn from this, is yet to be seen, although G2 Esports now face two huge games against Outsiders and either Copenhagen Flames, FURIA, Vitality, or Cloud9 for a chance to progress to the top eight.


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