VALORANT's Killjoy Brought To Life By Incredible Cosplayer

VALORANT's Killjoy Brought To Life By Incredible Cosplayer
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Mel Ramsay


2nd Dec 2021 13:35

VALORANT has taken the gaming and esports world by storm ever since Riot Games launched it back in 2020. As a result, there have been hordes of fans expressing their love for the game with fan art, tattoos and, of course, cosplay. 

One cosplayer, Glory Lamothe, even won Esports Cosplay of the Year 2020 with her incredible representation of VALORANT's Killjoy - and it's hard to tell the difference between what's from the game and what's real-life.

She has over 78k followers on Instagram (at the time of writing), and that number seems to only be growing as she posts more content. 

What Does The VALORANT Killjoy Cosplay Look Like?

In the initial post to Instagram, Glory explained that the outfit was a collaboration with VALORANT for the introduction of Killjoy to the game. She added that she made the costume herself in less than a week. 



She added several more images of herself in the outfit, which each gained thousands of likes from fans. 

There was impressive attention to detail, with her showing off the backpack that she also put together herself. 

What Are Fans Saying About The VALORANT Killjoy Cosplay?

Well, the cosplay was such a resounding success that Glory Lamothe managed to bag herself an Esports Award for her efforts. 


Fans took to the comment section under each of her posts to congratulate her on such an accurate representation of the character. One wrote: "Very good photo and excellent Killjoy cosplay, you are very beautiful with that look, just like the character with your pretty face, you are a genius and the best cosplay woman." Another added: "Friggin love this. Killjoy is slowly becoming my main over Viper."

On Glory's Instagram, she shows off many other characters that she can transform into, including Meg from Disney's Hercules, and Jett from VALORANT also makes an appearance. You can check out her Instagram here


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