The Danish star spoke to GGRecon following their gruelling 2-1 victory over Evil Geniuses at BLAST Premier.

19:43, 16 Feb 2020

The Danish star spoke to GGRecon following their gruelling 2-1 victory over Evil Geniuses at BLAST Premier. 

Valde you guys just came through out of a very interesting series right there. It became close in the third map, but the first two we don’t really know what was going on. But first of all how does it feel to have qualified for the Spring finals?

It feels really amazing. I think it was our main goal when we came here. We came here to qualify and we did it and now we are in the finals against G2 and I am kind of at a loss for words after that series to be honest.

Valde listen, you used to be ingame leader so I want you to be honest with me. Who really picked the first two maps because it seemed like whoever picked it, it just went the other way. The graphics were lying to us, right? You guys didn’t pick Train. You guys picked the other one.

We definitely did pick Train but it was kind of the same on the last series versus EG. We won each others map picks. I don't know, even though we picked Train I still think it’s a really good map for us. We just didn’t show up at all and you can say the same for their map pick as well, so I don’t know. Kind of weird series when we win each others map picks, but yeah that’s how it goes sometimes. It’s CS anything can happen. 


I mean you guys didn’t just win each others map picks. You guys dominated each others map picks. But I have to ask a little bit about Mirage right now. Which is that it seemed a little but like EG was perhaps underestimating you guys a bit, because all of their T side rounds there was none of that famous stanislaw mid round calling. It seemed like they were just saying hey it’s alright, we’ll just aim them down rather than anything. Do you think maybe they took you a bit too lightly?

No, I don’t think they took us too lightly. To me it felt like they were really nervous. After the first game, when we got a good start on the second map. It felt like they were crumbling. Like the same thing happened to them as to us on the first map. So, I don’t know. It’s just CS and that’s the beauty of the game. Anything can happen.

When you’ve got three ingame leaders / ex ingame leaders in the team, does it help your mental game at all? Because obviously you came out of a very very difficult defeat into a very very impressive win. And like you said, EG their mental was kind of crumbling. But you guys really pulled through. Do you think having that many leaders makes a difference?


No, actually not. I feel it’s a bit overblown to be honest. Like Aleksi and Nathan are doing all the shot calling. I’m not doing anything at all. Of course, if I have some input during the round that can win us the round I’m going to say it but it’s not like I’m leading at all in any sense. So it’s all on Aleksi and Nathan.

Well, on Inferno it seemed like you guys were in complete control when the aim duels were not going the other way just directly. Even if it was a closer map when I looked at it tactically especially on your CT side, it seemed like you knew exactly what was going to be coming from EG before they went for it. You were able to get in front of the smokes when you needed to. You were able to get the positioning when you were needing to. It just looked like you completely outread EG. Do you think that would be a fair characterization of the game?


Even though it was a close game, I still felt like we had the upper-hand throughout. We were always in front and leading. And if we lost the round, it was more our mistake than them playing good, in my opinion. I feel like Aleksib had a really good grasp of how to approach the game. He did some amazing calls with the triple nades like what you saw on banana and just like overall. The only rounds we kind of messed up when we didn't go in together and we on the B for example and we weren’t ready for the flash. In a close game, there’s always going to be these chaotic rounds and you can’t really win them all. So yeah, it’s whatever.

How’s the team confidence looking right now? The tournament’s almost done. You guys do have one series left but you have managed to take some very impressive scalps along the way. Are you guys feeling like the fruits of your labour are finally showing up?

Yeah, for sure. I don’t think you can beat a team like EG without being really confident in your game and playing to a high level. Definitely wanna be proud of this series. It took everything from us like mental fortitude, the comeback and so on. But we still have a game to win against G2 and some revenge to take so yeah I’m looking forward to this as well.

Talk to me about that game a little bit. You’re right. You do have some revenge to take. It wasn’t looking quite so good against them yesterday. What’s gonna be different today?

Honestly, we just want to go into the game with full confidence. We know we can beat that we just didn’t show up at all yesterday. It’s what happens sometimes and we will see how it goes.


Valde, final question. This is a bit of a personal one for you. It’s been a long time coming for you. You were in North before and it seemed like you were the player who was really excelling beyond everyone else. But, unfortunately, could never get into the very very top tier of the scene. It seems like OG might be the team for you to do it with. How does it feel for you after so much time struggling, after so much time trying to get the roster that will get you tier two or one, even leaving Denmark for this? How does it feel?


Feels amazing. It’s honestly what I play for. I play to become the number one in the world as a team and as an individual. It’s just one of the basics of being a competitor. You want to be the best. Obviously North, we didn’t achieve that at all. I don’t really want to speak about my old team. I’m just really happy to be in OG and with these guys. It’s so amazing.


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