Uncharted 5 Possibly Leaked By Sony

Uncharted 5 Possibly Leaked By Sony
Naughty Dog

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Joseph Kime


31st Oct 2022 12:41

Though the gaming industry is rattling through its spin-offs for remakes and remasters, it feels very much like the final chapter in the Uncharted series has been written and read.

Nathan Drake's story came to a bombastic and dramatic close in Uncharted 4, and unlike other game series, fans were content with the closing of the Uncharted book. Although they wouldn't say no to a sequel, they've largely felt the franchise wrapped up pretty well. But it looks like PlayStation isn't quite finished yet.

Uncharted 5 Could Be On The Way

Uncharted 5 Possibly Leaked By Sony
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It looks as though there's a chance that PlayStation is looking to make new contributions to the Uncharted franchise after all. Speculation that the series has been undergoing new development for some time at Naughty Dog has remained strong, and now we have a new tease that there could be more Uncharted on the way.

As usual, it's through a job listing rather than an official reveal.  The listing comes by way of an ad for a "new PlayStation studio based in San Diego" which is looking for a Game Design Intern to work on "an exciting new project with Naughty Dog in a beloved franchise."

This is interesting, as in the wake of Sony suggesting they're not working on anything to do with Sly Cooper, that leaves Uncharted as the last reasonable call - so we could be in for more from Drake and co. soon.


When Could We Expect To See New Uncharted?

If this is truly going ahead as an Uncharted title, then there's every chance that the next year could see a total reveal. If the team is still hiring game design interns, then it seems as though the co-development from the new company could be in pretty early stages.

Maybe it'd be wishful thinking to suppose that we'd hear something at this year's Game Awards in December, but who knows, Nathan Drake could be back with us sooner than we expect. We'll allow it.

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